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Political Friday: And the winner is...

19 September 2014

Well here we are - the 2014 general election is now just a day away.

Come Monday, I have no doubt that there will be intense discussions and negotiations taking place between the various parties vying to create a new government to steer this nation into an uncertain future.

Will the Nats govern alone, with just support and confidence agreements with some minor parties? Or will Winston Peters, once again play King-maker and become the nation's new deputy Prime Minister for his troubles?

Whatever the composition of the next government, I must say that I certainly don't hold much hope for the nation until we get someone with testicular fortitude at the helm of the good ship GodZone and sadly, I see no candidates meeting that criteria on the ballot paper.

I've thought long and hard about who will earn my vote on Saturday and sadly, although I will be voting, I have to say that none are really considered suitable.

It would be unthinkable for me to even consider supporting the National Party -- even though I'm sometimes considered quite right-wing in my outlook. The reason for ruling them out is that I will not countenance dishonesty and a contempt for the laws of the land from any party or politicians. Clearly, this rules John Key and the Nats right out of the battle for my vote.

Then we have Labour, the party led by a man who seems to be so keen to please that he would apologise for his gender -- when he thinks that will earn him brownie points.

Remember what I said about testicular fortitude? Well no "I"m sorry for being a man" candidate or their party will fit that bill now, will it?

Labour also lose because they have no vision, no courage, no "zing". They're a "slightly left of centre", steady as she goes party that gives the impression they're very keen to warm the government benches but not so keen to actually do very much once they get there. Sorry guys... you're out of the running too.

NZ First seems to be gathering some very strong support, especially amongst my age bracket and older.


Because Winston Peters says what many people of this age are thinking when it comes to his blatantly xenophobic perspectives?

Sorry Winnie... I'm someone who believes that egalitarianism is a virtue, not a sin. I don't give a stuff about a person's race, colour, culture or creed. I judge every person on their individual traits, personality and character. In that area, you also fail. Just listening to your pompous performance on NatRad when being interviewed by Guyon Espiner on NatRad this morning was enough to remind me how greasy and nasty you can be.

Although we're not looking for a "Mr/Ms Charming" to lead the nation, it would be a very foolish move to put such a bigoted big-head at the controls so sorry Winston, you and NZ First are also out of the running.

Now I had considered voting for the Internet/Mana party but I just can't. Just as I won't vote for NZ First due to its politics of race, nor can I vote for Internet/Mana for the same reasons. Hone plays the race card far too often to be credible. We don't need sob-stories and bitching about how hard-done-by his people are. We need positive action to improve the lot of *all* NZers, regardless of their colour, race, ethnicity or where they live.

Now what about the Conservatives?

Well set aside the fact that their leader is just plain scary to look at and you're left with the fact that the guy seems to only have one oar in the water, even at the best of times. It would be very hard for NZ to be taken seriously in the global community with someone like this in charge. Sure, some of the policy statements are great and fit well into what I consider important. A $20K tax-free threshold to help the poor and encourage self-reliance, binding referenda, a unified set of laws, increased accountability within government, etc... but this guy is just a nutter and his wacko personal beliefs just scuttle it for me.

United Future? Well if I wanted a flag with thick grey hair that fluttered in the breeze and bowed to the slightest pressure then I'd vote for this party -- but let's face it, nobody really wants a sycophantic, self-serving army of Peter Dunnes now, do they?

What about the Maori Party?

Well to be absolutely honest (and I am *not* kidding), right up until they supported National's sale of state-owned power assets, the Maori party was well in the running for my vote. However, it now seems that I'm far from alone in considering them utterly treacherous, having betrayed their people and all the people of NZ who voted against those sales in the referendum. Sorry guys -- you're gone by lunchtime, a victim of your own greed and "hold on to power at any cost" attitude.

Well that really only leaves one part in the running for my vote -- and that's the Greens.

Hell, I'm no treehugging, dope smoking, save the whales, Prius-driving, lead-free, protect the planet, aged hippy ambling around in a sweaty hemp teeshirt and sandals, and to be totally honest it's pretty obvious that a lot of their economic policies would be devastating in their effect on this country -- but then again, so would: the TPPA, selling our assets to the highest overseas bidder, playing lap-dog to the US government, and most of the things that the present government has been doing -- so what's to lose?

At least, once our economy is finally shot to hell and we finish our descent to third-world status, we'll be subsistence-living in a country that still has a sustainable environment and if things get really bad I could try drowning my sorrows in a haze of MJ smoke.

So there you go... The Greens get my vote -- but only because they are the least bad of a rotten lot.

How about you... which way will you be casting your secret ballot?

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