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Goodbye Kim

14 August 2017

Today I am going to pick up where I left off last week, with more on the battle between the world's two most two badly coiffured leaders (or is that "covfefed"?).

Exactly how will the current situation, where the leaders of two nuclear-capable nations take cheap shots at each other via the media and rattle their sabres like toys in a playpen, ultimately end?

Well right now I'm picking there's a lot going on behind the scenes.

An awful lot.

Odds are that the USA are using their most tried and true strategies to try and get rid of Kim Jong Un.

The CIA or whatever TLA the US administration finds most suitable, will be sneaking around, attempting to sniff out which of the many generals,colonels and other high-ranking officers in KJU's little empire, will be willing to sell out for a few million American dollars.

The simplest, cleanest and safest way to end this stoush is for the USA to simply foment a coup against N.Korea's leader.

With squillions of dollars at their disposal (thanks to the power of quantative easing), it would seem to be highly probable that the USA will be able to find a small group of high-ranking officials within Kim's military who, if sufficiently incentivised, will simply walk in and "dispose" of the despot by "busting a cap upside his head".

Let's face it, this is the way the USA has done business in foreign countries for many years. Funding uprisings within countries that are deemed to be "unfriendly" towards "Uncle Sam" has usually had great short-term success.

However, a look at the bigger picture shows that the resulting power vacuum created is usually filled by parties even less disposed towards supporting US interests.

Just look at the 1949 Syrian coup, the 1953 Iranian coup, Operation Cyclone in Afghanistan during the 1980s and many other occasions when the USA's money and influence was used to bring about regime change in sovereign nations.

So Kim better keep an eye on his back and perhaps hike is already sky-high levels of paranoia by an order of magnitude or so.

I'm picking that we will eventually read the headline "Kim Jong Un assassinated" and the perpetrator will be someone very close to him.

Is this the right thing to do?

From a purely pragmatic perspective it probably is.

Avoiding any form of armed conflict, especially where nukes are involved, will save countless lives.

It is simply a sad indictment on the world that one country feels the need to plot the assassination of any individual for any reason.

Of course no sleep will be lost (aside perhaps due to the effects of a celebratory hangover) within the halls of power in the USA when KJU gets a bullet to the head. We must remember that there are always two sets of rules and even though Trump has been seen attending church from time to time, the diktat of the bible which says "thou shalt not kill" will be lost on him and his administration. As with all people in power, they are fully aware that they are there to make the rules, not follow them.

Let's hope this stoush is settled quickly and cleanly. Perhaps both leaders will just apologise to each other, exchange Christmas cards then do a few rounds of golf in Hawaii. Wouldn't that be nice?

Hmmm... time for a Tui's?

How do readers see the N.Korea/USA situation playing out and ultimately being resolved?

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