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What the? and shhhhh!

8 September 2017

This morning I did what I always do first thing... I checked Google News for the latest stories in the categories of science and technology.

What the?

There were just THREE stories under the "technology heading" and only a weak apology under "science".

What's going on here?

Has there been some kind of outage at Google or is it simply that sci/tech is now so "old fashioned" that nobody is writing about it?

Well the sports, business and entertainment categories were all fully populated with stories so I am left scratching my head.

Let's just hope it was a weired anomaly and not a further indictment of the already woeful state of the site.

But on to other things...

Since there's no real news in the sci-tech sector today, I thought I'd update you on my seemingly endless attempts to get the local council to act responsibly, honestly and rationally.

I posted this video about a week ago (and it's already got nearly 12,000 views).

It shows me terrorizing man, woman child and beast in one of our local parks but the most important element of this video can be seen from about the 3 minute mark.

This clearly documents the lengths that the SWDC's management are prepared to go to in order to ankle-tap the processes that are forced upon them by local government legislation.

In this video we see the Council's Group Asset Manager (Mr Ted Anderson) telling everyone that you can't fly a drone within 4Km of the town's airport and heliport and refusing to acknowledge the existence of a "shielded operations" clause in the regulations which specifically do allow such activities.

Look at the demeanour of this man. Look at his body-language. Look at how the Mayor tries to shut him up -- because she knows he's being videoed and that this will become some very damning evidence when referred to a higher authority.

This is the guy who, at every turn, has lied to a council that have eagerly embraced his "advice" as a means for denying all the initiatives and reforms I have bought to the table.

Even now that I have irrefutable evidence to show that he is misleading council, nothing has been done to censure him or to review the issues which were decided on the basis of this misinformation.

The community is also starting to wake up to the deceptions and misinformation that have been fed to them and I've already been contacted by more than a few people who have their own sorry stories to tell about being unfairly and dishonestly sidelined by this group of rogues.

Stay tuned... the fun has just begun!

I will be selling popcorn and front-row seats shortly -- with all monies donated to charity of course ;-)

Ah... sometimes slow-news days are fun.

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