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You know you're too busy when...

11 September 2017

Early risers this morning will have noticed that Aardvark's domain name had expired.


One of the problems I'm facing these days is that the number of hours in a day is not quite equal to the time required to complete all the necessary tasks.

This is partly because I'm doing more and also partly because I'm getting older and things don't happen quite as quickly as they once did.

My YahooMail account, where I have the domain renewals sent, now gets around 300 emails a day -- lots of them spam but at least half of them genuine messages and, unfortunately, I hadn't set up filtering to dump the "really important" ones (such as domain renewals) into a priority folder. As a result, the invoice and reminder messages were lost in a mire of lotter-win notifications and solicitations for manly-part-enhancers.

Of course it was a quick fix -- nothing that the old Visa card won't sort in an hour or two and now, as you can so plainly see, the domain is back and kicking.

However, it is obvious that bigger changes need to be made around here.

An awful lot of my time right now is spent on my YouTube channels and I've already planned the launch of another one -- so improvements in efficiency and gains in productivity will have to be created.

Of course such things are easy to say -- but often much harder to actually do.

It seems that every morning, I get up about half an hour before sunrise. As the summer is coming, that means my working days are getting longer -- but still aren't quite long enough.

I don't waste time in front of the TV watching soaps or such -- because, as regular readers well-know, I haven't had an antenna or dish connected to my TV set for over a decade now. So it seems there's little time to be clawed back here.

So I guess what I have to do now is keep a diary of my time for a week or so. I will meticulously notarise every minute of the day and see where my time is actually going (as opposed to where I *think* it is going). Only once I know this information will I be able to set about "rejigging" things so as to better manage that time.

Prioritising my activities will also become important. I'm sure there are plenty of things I do now which are interesting or fun -- but not essential. Of course I wont eliminate all the fun/essential things but I may have to cut back on the more frivolous indulgences a bit.

Now this may all sound like an over-reaction to a small hiccup but I think it is more of a warning of worse things to come -- unless I address the looming result of overwork. Hell, I'm getting on a bit now and so burning the candle at both ends is an activity that can actually be physically dangerous. It's so sobering to be confronted with your own limitations and realise that those limitations are increasing rather than decreasing.

However, the best aspect of this is that it represents yet another exciting challenge.

The game de jour will be fitting a quart (of work) into a pint-pot (of time). I'm certainly up for it and no doubt I will have to learn new skills and disciplines if I am to succeed at this task.

I'd love to hear from readers as to what strategies you've developed or embraced for getting more out of your day (I was going to say "working day" but then I realised that my entire day is in some way or another, related to work).

Give me your suggestions and I'll keep you informed as to how things are going.

Ah... I love a challenge!

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