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On the eve of destruction?

5 March 2018

Apparently Russia has developed some super-new uber-weapons that will allow them to slip past the anti-missile defenses of other countries such as the USA.

This arsenal includes some suspiciously futuristic devices such as nuclear-powered cruise-missiles, hypersonic missiles, an undetectable underwater nuclear drone, and more.

Given that all Vlad Putin had to show the world was a bunch of CGI footage and 3D renderings, I really have my doubts about these claims and wonder if he hasn't been spending too much time with little Kimmy from N.Korea and his team of CGI and photoshop experts.

Or, perhaps Vlad has just been spending too much time browsing the pages of Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines from the 1950s and 1960s, where virtually all the weapons he now claims to have, first appeared.

I strongly suspect that this is an attempt to hype up Russia's military capabilities far beyond reality -- as they did (with the aid of the USA's own intelligence people) during the 1960s.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the rise of China (and even N.Korea) as nuclear powers, Russia must be feeling awfully left out these days so it's only natural that a strong leader will show his people (and the world) that their nation is not to be taken lightly -- even if it's all just bluster.

One of the other problems that Russia has is that its economy his hardly a runaway success right now. Weapons development, of the kind claimed by Putin, is an expensive job and I really doubt there are enough rubles under Putin's mattress to support such activities right now.

However, it should be remembered that as far as the USA is concerned, when it comes to making pre-emptive strikes "they don't need no steenken evidence" that the alleged enemy has anything like the capabilities being claimed for them -- as Saddam found out to his cost.

I actually wonder if the combination of Putin's sabre-rattling and Trump's stupidity might not be the fuse to a nasty powder-keg of international conflict.

In any sane world, the USA would never consider a preemptive strike against a nation such as Russia -- however, as we've discovered, this is not a sane world. I wonder how many military generals in the USA are already doing the sums to see how "survivable" such a strike might be.

It would likely be a very easy sell to Trump, especially if his ratings continue to fall and his own tenure as president becomes an issue.

An impending financial melt-down could be the final straw which breaks the camel's back as well.

Nations always support their leaders in times of war so Trump could find that accepting the military's calls for a strike would also sure-up his own position in the eyes of the US public. What's more, Putin's recent announcements could give Trump just the excuse he needs to justify such action. The spinmeisters in the USA's halls of power could easily create some story about Russia and N.Korea conspiring to attack the USA and that the only way to avoid this is to take out Russia while it's still weak.

Maybe it's time to wind that doomsday clock on a bit.

Fortunately, I've learned over the years that while all this talk of war sounds plausible on paper (or screen), it's most unlikely to happen. The reality is that no matter how insane leaders become, their own instinct for self-preservation tends to kick in long before they'd dare to press that big red button.


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