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Desperate tactics make me smile

16 April 2018

Yes, the battle I'm having with the local Mayor continues and on Sunday I could be seen wearing a big smile all day.

What was it, that induced such an expression on my weathered dial?

Well in recent days, the current mayor has been seen engaging the confidences of the previous mayor. They've attended several public events together and the old Mayor has come out in strong defense of the present one, with postings to Facebook and such.

Now the reason I am smiling is that on Sunday, someone told me the old Mayor has been badmouthing me at every opportunity -- telling people that I'm an ex-bankrupt and not to be trusted.

Regular readers will know, and I make no secret of the fact that around 15 years ago I was indeed bankrupted, shortly after I made the public aware of the potential threat that was lurking on the shelves of hardware stores and the pages of eBay. Yes, even someone with just a modest skillset could build their own cruise missile if they wanted to and, with the memory of 9/11 still foremost in many people's minds, I figured it was a good idea that governments started taking note of this very real possibility.

For my efforts, the US government had "a quiet word" in the ear of the NZ government, much as they did nearly a decade later in the case of Kim Dotcom.

So there I was, bankrupted for my efforts. No good dead goes unpunished they say, and perhaps this was the proof.

However, I sleep easily at night knowing that there wasn't a long list of creditors who were out of pocket -- indeed, the only party out of pocket was the government of the day, bereft of morals and ethics, for which I shed not a tear.

What's more, I considered my self in good company... joining the ranks of other noteworthy people who'd been bankrupted at some stage in their lives. I'm talking about Henry Ford, Walt Disney and even (gasp!) Abraham Lincoln!

So to be honest, I don't give a rat's arse that the former mayor is running around town badmouthing me to anyone who will listen -- in fact I think it's great.


It very much appears as if the current mayor has called in the help of her very good friend, the previous mayor, and the best he can do to counter the facts and evidence I've been presenting is to badmouth me. From this, it is clear they are lost and grasping at straws.

Only someone with no valid argument to bring to the table will turn to that last resort of the feeble -- character assassination.

So, I consider this to be a victory. These two tin-pot politicians have proven that they're washed-up, unable to raise any defense or evidence to counter the facts I have been presenting.

The former mayor's attempts at character assassination show that he, and his successor suffer from the worst form of bankruptcy -- moral bankruptcy.

Yes, I'm still smiling.

Through the ex-mayor's mouth, they have done more to damage their own reputations than I ever could (or would) have done.

What's more, when I mentioned the situation in my latest "rant" on YouTube, that video scored over 10,000 views in the first 24 hours and resulted in some of the most cutting and scathing comments I've ever read being leveled at our mayor by people from around the world. In fact, I can't repeat most of them here because they are far from "family friendly" in both meaning and verbiage.

Now I'm pretty sure that all councils must have some sort of rule that no member may bring the council into disrepute (indeed, such a reference is made in the story linked in the paragraph below) -- in which case, I believe that it's time for this mayor to be strongly sanctioned for the damage that her actions have done to the council's reputation.

Of course we know that won't happen, such censure is reserved for the only the lesser members of council and any mayor who sees herself as more of a dictator than the leader of a democratic body is unlikely to tolerate accusations or dissent from those beneath her on the governance ladder.

You know you're winning when your opponent has dug so deep into their box of dirty tricks.

Hell, it's not even half-time and I'm already winning :-)

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