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Celebs celebrate while the world burns

2 August 2019

We all know about climate change.

Whether you believe that it's a man-made problem or simply a result of natural cycles, the undeniable fact is that the planet is warming and that could produce ecological changes that threaten our continued existence.

Again, regardless of cause, it would seem to be an undeniable fact that it makes sense to do whatever we can to mitigate this ongoing rise in global temperatures, if only for our own comfort, convenience and survival.

Of course climate change is also a huge business, something which helps fan the fires of those who belive it's all much ado about nothing.

Billions of dollars are being made by capitalising on the concerns of the public over the effects of climate change. Would EVs be as much of "a thing" as they are without the constant reminder (often false) that they're saving the planet?

The more intelligent amongst us are very much aware that in countries such as the USA and Australia, EVs don't actually reduce carbon emissions -- they simply shift them from the vehicle's exhaust to the exhaust of the coal-fired power stations that generate power for the national grid.

One thing that climate change *is* creating in abundance right now however, is hypocrisy.

It seems as if every celebrity and their dog is jumping on the climate change bandwagon and lecturing the rest of us about our failings, weaknesses and responsibilities in respect to saving the planet.

It wasn't enough that Al Gore tried to become the patron saint of climate change a while back, only to be exposed as having a (predominantly coal-fired) power bill for his own home that would send most of us bankrupt.

And, more recently, Google got in on the act and spent about $20m to fly a lot of influential people from all over the world to Palermo in Italy for a "Google Camp", or should I say "glamp".

The attendees were an A-list of celebrity names including Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Harry Styles, Naomi Campbell and a whole bunch of other entertainers and influencers.

And this was some carbon-fueld junket they enjoyed!

Most were flown to the event by a mix of private jets (at least 114 of them according to some reports) and first-class seats on scheduled flights (all at huge cost to the environment) to Italy and then taken on a tour of the town in dino-juiced Maserati cars. Some of the attendees then also spent time on a large motor-yacht (more fossil fuel expended) before finally being flown back home a few days later at the end of the event.

Of course during the time they were in Italy, staying at swank resorts, the guests also used electricity that, according to Wikipedia relies on fossil fuels for over 50% of its generation.

So quite the "do as we say, not as we do" event for those who are allegedly concerned about the future of the planet and effects of carbon emissions on climate change eh?

Events like this do nothing to really help the cause of those who are genuinely concerned about climate change and its effects and that is tragic.

This one event has probably completely wiped out a lifetime of carbon conservation by many, many people who are truly committed to saving the planet.

And of course, these celebs will go on crowing about how they're working so hard to save us all and how "mere people" should join them on their crusade.

Did I say that I despise hypocrisy?

What are *you* doing to save the planet and are you more than a little pissed off that in one fell swoop, Google and its celebrity guests have probably created more carbon in a weekend than your own conservation efforts will save in a lifetime?

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