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Microsoft is hijacking my computer

9 September 2019

Like most people, I have a computer that runs the Windows operating system.

To be clear... I only have the one computer that is infested with the Microsoft Virus and I do plan to convert it to Linux as soon as time allows but in the meantime its sole purpose is to run the Windows version of Davinci Resolve and Fusion.

Now I bought and paid for this computer, and the operating system that is loaded onto its M.2 SSD so you'd figure I'd be able to configure it as I chose.

But you'd be wrong!

Although I've tried repeatedly to turn off all the feature-updates and even gone so far as to tweak the registry to that effect... it seems that (under the guise of "security updates", Microsoft continues to re-enable the feature updates.

What the whuck?

Microsoft... this is MY computer, get your damned fingers out of it!

The recent history of Microsoft updates is pretty abysmal, from a reliability and unintended side-effects perspective so I should have the right to say "no".

But apparently not.

Microsoft clearly believes that *IT* owns the configuration of my computer, not me.

This is totally unacceptable and I wish someone (richer than me) would challenge this in a court of law.

Just now, in the middle of an edit session, Windows 10 told me I could reboot now or wait for an hour.

I want NEITHER option!

I'm in the middle of editing an important video and I do not want the configuration of my system altered until I have finished that edit (which will be several days away). Who the hell pays the bill if Windows decides to update and leaves my system with some kind of crippled functionality (last time it was that the audio would not work and I had to roll-back to the previous build).

Obviously I'm not the only one affected by this arrogance on the part of Microsoft. Was watching a live-stream on YouTube a while ago when the guy running the stream screamed at his PC "WTF... Windows is updating???" -- and the the stream cut out.

Why is there not a big red switch that says "F-OFF Microsoft, I do not want your feature upgrades!"?

I seem to recall that they were going to do this... but every time I disable feature updates, they get switched back on again, all by themselves.

Stop it, stop it, stop it!!!!

I can understand why Microsoft might want to force security updates on its customer-base. Such updates are pretty important to preserving the security of the internet as a whole -- but feature upgrades must always be optional and at the discretion of the user.

Sorry Microsoft but your continued arrogance in this simply means I'll be moving forward my plans to go 100% Linux.

Shot yourself in the foot there didn't ya?

I wonder if I can get a refund for this worthless auto-mutating virus they call Windows 10?

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