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Boxing day sales?

17 December 2019

I am so tired.

This Parkinson's is really messing with my sleep patterns more than ever so I'm getting just a few short hours of interrupted sleep a night at the moment. This leaves me reliant on several "power naps" during the day to keep going.

Hey-ho, could be worse eh?

Today I'd love to hear from folk about what they're hoping to pick up in the post (or pre) Boxing-day sales.

It seems that as the years go by, the Boxing day sales start earlier and earlier, with the big discounts now being rolled out days in advance of the 26th.

Do you have your heart set on anything in particular?

Do you set aside some of your budget so as to take advantage of the bargains?

I have to admit that the only thing I'm hoping for is perhaps a new video camera for my YouTube production work... but we'll just have to see if anything comes along within my budget.

Meanwhile, I encountered a great example of a business that doesn't know how to use the internet this week.

A company emailed me asking if I'd like to review their underwater drone.

I took a look at the company's website laden with product hype and figured it could be fun... and an interesting change from things that fly -- so I replied to their email saying "okay, let's do it".

A few minutes later I got back an email (in Chinese) which I could make no sense of.

A few minutes with Google Translate helped me figure out that this was a bounce of my reply with the advisory that "the recipient's mailbox is full".


Okay I thought, I'll leave it a few days and try again.

Then I got another email from the company, asking if I'd received their earlier message and restating their request for a review.

Again I replied.

Again the reply bounced due to a full mailbox at their end.


I wonder if, somewhere in China, there's a lonely worker called "Amy Lee" (yeah, right!) wondering why, after sending out so many emails, nobody is replying to her. Whoever set up her email system has probably long-since moved on to greener fields :-(

So sad.

I've tried using the contact form on the website but so far, no reply either.

Let's hope the product is better than the IT setup!

Meanwhile, I'm finally getting back into doing a little coding -- and loving it.

With luck, I'll have the skeleton of my distributed video serving system up and running early in the New Year after which I'll be pitching it to the great unwashed as an alternative to the Tube of U's. It will be very interesting to see if any/many decide to take up the option and if so, whether it will succeed.

Meanwhile... time for another power-nap before I fall asleep at the keyboard (again).

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