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Good brand, bad product?

22 May 2020

A couple of days ago the old sheila's washing machine decided to stop working properly.

Instead of rinsing a load it starts the rinse cycle by emptying the tub, filling with "some" water agitating, emptying, spinning a bit then resetting its timer back to the number which was displayed before the rinse action began.

In effect, it gets caught in a loop and goes round and round -- seemingly until you either stop it manually or your clothes turn into nothing more than a slurry of lint.

This machine is less than two years old -- but the manufacturer says "no warranty".


It wouldn't be so bad but this was a warranty replacement machine -- reluctantly provided by the manufacturer after the previous unit developed a reputation for setting houses on fire.

Yes, we're talking Samsung here.

My wife has had several Samsung phones and she lovest them. They seem to do the job, are reliable and perform adequately.

One of my LCD monitors is a Samsung and it works just fine -- acceptable picture quality and in the several years I've owned it there have been no issues.

Samsung SSDs also have an enviable reputation in the industry for being fast and reliable.

So why can't they make a washing machine that lasts longer than I can hold my breath?

Maybe I'm just unlucky?

Well I suspect those folk whose laundries were blacked with the smoke of burning plastic or who actually lost significant portions of their homes to "the towering inferno" syndrome intrinsic to the previous model were unlucky too.

To be honest, this washing machine (and the one it replaced) have been the worst units I've ever owned.

They are inexorably slow, incredibly inflexible and obviously not very well designed or built.

How is it that a manufacturer can be so good at some things and so very bad at others?

Obviously there are different teams involved but surely there should be a corporate standard for design, engineering and build quality that spans the entire organisation.

Clearly this is not the case with Samsung. It seems that the guys who deal with the laundry business figured it wouldn't hurt to take customers to the cleaners by producing a smoldering piece of shite and slapping a Samsung sticker on it.

Strangely enough, I seem to recall asking this question before... but what top-loading washing machine do readers use and would they recommend it?

If this thing is going to cost more than a couple of hundred dollars to put right I think we'll junk it and buy something that doesn't take over an hour to do a very simple wash, something that won't set the house on fire and something that lasts more than a couple of short years.

To the comments with you... the pile of dirtly clothes in the washing basket grows ever-higher, time is of the essence! :-)

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