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Is this really sensible?

2 June 2020

New Zealand stands poised, ready to return to a virus-free status.

That status will give us an economic head-start on the rest of the world, allowing our internal economy to get back to speed well-ahead of many of our trading partners.

And then some dickhead in government decides to throw a spanner in the works and risk undoing the past two months of pain and suffering that each and every Kiwi has had to endure.

What am I talking about?

The arrival of a bunch of overly-privileged workers from the USA who work in the movie industry.

What the hell are our wooden-heads doing?

We've been told that these new arrivals will be subject to a strict quarantine and isolation for the first 14 days of their stay in NZ, so as to ensure that even if they are carrying the virus, they'll pose no threat to others.

Well that's BS... read on and weep!

According to reports such as this one published on Stuff, these people have already been in very close contact with unrelated parties that weren't even aware of their quarantine/isolation status.

This is utterly outrageous and a huge insult to the many Kiwis who have suffered hardship, perhaps even losing their jobs as a result of the past 2 months of sacrifice in the national good.

With luck, and in all probability, nothing will come of this but if we do see another outbreak of the virus, brought about by this selfishness and greed by one tiny sector of NZ's economy, backed by stupid bureaucrats and politicians, then I would like to see those responsible held to account.

If there is a new outbreak caused by one of these new arrivals to the country bringing the virus with them, and if that outbreak causes people to die, then let those who authorised this fiasco be charged with third degree murder... because that's exactly what they'll have done.

There are all sorts of industries in pain right now as a result of the harm that closed borders are causing them. So why the hell are we cherry-picking those that get special treatment and those who don't?

What happened to the egalitarianism on which we pride ourselves?

Who's getting the backhanders here? Who's hoping that by providing special favour, they might get to dine with a movie star or gain some other favour from an industry that creates celebrities?

If another group of elderly or infirmed Kiwis die as a result of this decision, I really want the people of this nation to go into "lynch mob mode" and rip those responsible a new one.

Or am I over-reacting?

Does it not matter that the entire sacrifice of the past two months has now been put in jeopardy by the whims of a tiny group of people who want to effectively open the door to reinfection?

And who was supposed to be making sure that these new arrivals didn't mingle with members of the public? Who was responsible for ensuring their isolation and failed so miserably?

Yep, hang them too!

Words can not describe how outraged I am by this.

I can understand that the government feels the need to subsidize the movie industry here in New Zealand -- but surely that subsidy ought not include potentially making human sacrifices?

I'm sorry Ms Adern, you've just undone *all* the wonderful things you've done up to this point.

After this, I will not be voting Labour at the next election for sure!

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