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The sky is falling again

16 September 2020

What a terrible place the world has become.

Or so it is tempting to believe.

Climate change is destroying the ecosystem, with the Northern Hemisphere recording its hottest summer since records began.

A pandemic of severity not seen in more than a century has rapidly spread across the face of the globe and is not only killing us but also destabilizing the economies of many Western nations.

New technologies further threaten our privacy and freedoms by handing unequalled power, not only to political entities but also to huge corporations.

Surely, with all these things around us, the end is nigh?

Cue Tui's ad... "yeah, right!"

The reality is that we've seen it all before... and survived.

The planet and its people are tenatious and resilient, perhaps far more so than many would have us believe.

The survival instinct is man's most primal urge (well perhaps second-most -- wink, wink)

We may be leaving it a little late but climate change won't wipe us from the face of the Earth, although it may create a great deal of discomfort and tragedy before we finally acknowledge the full scale of what's going on.

We have lived with plagues and pandemics for our entire existance, it's nature's way of hardening the species and ensuring the survival of the fittest. Perhaps the fact that we're supposedly dropping like flies is simply an indication that too many of us have gotten flabby and weak (look at the profile of those most affected by CV19).

As for the way technology is robbing us of our rights, freedoms and privacy -- well that's a self-inflicted wound and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. We have the power to correct this right their on our voting forms. We have the power of self-determination, if we choose to use it.

Sadly perhaps, most people are to lazy or simply too complacent to really use their vote wisely.

"She'll be right" is not only an NZers most iconic phrase but also their biggest weakness.

The reality is that if you leave it up to others, she won't be right. She won't be right at all!

Most humans are easily duped. We trust others too much. We don't learn from bitter experience. We repeat the same mistakes time and time again, expecting a different outcome.

The sad fact is that if we don't stand up and say "No" when our rights, freedoms and privacy are threatened then we deserve none of these things.

The old saying "The meek shall inherit the Earth" is just a lie. The meek shall inherit nothing. The meek shall be the slaves of those who dare to take control of the situation around them and push their own agendas.

So no, the sky is not falling but unless we start taking responsibility for our own destiny, it might as well fall.

How do we turn around a society that has become so willing to hand over all its freedoms, rights and privacy in the blind belief that the promises made by politicians and huge corporations will be honoured?

"Trust us, we're looking out for YOU" is what we're told... but is that really the truth? I think not.


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