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The rest of your life

23 September 2020

Like most teenagers, I gave very little thought as to what I'd be doing half a century down the line.

To be honest, I didn't really care and I never expected to make it to 60, let alone almost a decade beyond that magic number.

However, defying all odds, here I am, just a few short years away from starting my eighth decade on the planet. This raises a very interesting question:

"What do I do now?"

Planning for the future is actually quite a challenge, mainly because of the conflicting factors involved.

Do I plan for a long time or a good time?

Fortunately, I have structured my earnings so as to have a high residual element that will provide at least a minimal level of earnings even when I (by choice or through bad health) am unable to continue working. For sure there's no chance of expensive world-cruises or new cars -- but there is sufficient for "survival".

If we assume that money won't be too much of a worry, the next consideration is the amount of time we're talking here.

As someone already diagnosed with Parkinson's, I don't expect that I'll still be running around and active in another 10 years so I guess it would be sensible to keep any significant planning focused on the next 5-6 years at best. That's okay, a lot of fun can be had in 60 months, if you apply yourself to the task.

However, I'd like to achieve a lot more than just having fun before I shuffle my mortal coil or become so disfunctional as to be no longer contributing to the world in which I live.

This desire to be something other than hedonistic leaves me pondering the options.

What are those options?

Well I like to think that my Youtube videos are either informative or entertaining (hopefully some tick both boxes) and that's a legacy that will remain for some time after I'm gone -- or until YouTube decides that its back-catalog of content needs to be "fixed" :-(

Part of me still needs to do something more, something different.

I doubt I have the skill, time or patience to write a number-one selling novel, paint some epic work of art or produce any other persistent benefit to mankind. That leaves only far more modest goals.

With time rapidly running out, I'd love to hear from readers as to where they think I should be focusing any spare time I have.

Should I make more effort to pass on my knowledge to others? Are there opportunities I'm overlooking? Could there be some new project that might keep me actively engaged and be of benefit to others (like my ADSB alarm)?

One thing I have learned through personal experience and observing others is that having a raison d'etre makes a huge difference to one's outlook and one's enjoyment of life. Without a purpose it is easy to forget the value of one's own life and the importance of making the most of every minute of every day.

Come on keyboard warriors... fill me with ideas, inspire me with your insights and your suggestions!

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