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Is this really 2021?

6 April 2021

Welcome back to your daily dose after the Easter break.

Traditionally, Easter Friday has been a holiday in most Western/Christian countries but one really has to wonder about the laws surrounding a celebration that half the country finds irrelevant.

What do I mean?

Well if you wanted something from the supermarket on Friday you'd have been totally out of luck.

Unless you live in Wanaka that is.

Trading laws prohibit many retail businesses, such as supermarkets, from opening on Easter/Good Friday.

Apparently, even though half of NZ has no religion, and an increasing percentage of those who do are not even Christians, *everyone* is forced to follow archaic laws based on Christian beliefs.

Seriously... observing Christian beliefs remains compulsory here in New Zealand.

What ever happened to freedom of religion and freedom of belief?

It seems that, as is so often the case, your freedoms are granted solely on the basis of whether they are concordant with those of "the powers that be".

Now personally, I don't give a rat's backside if people wish to observe whatever festivities, celebrations, ceremonies or whatever that their specific religion dictates. Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever -- makes no difference to me. The way I see it, we're all entitled to our beliefs, so long as we don't try to force those beliefs on others... like, for example, telling OTHER people that they are forbidden to work or earn a living because it impinges on their beliefs.

I'm sorry but I don't think *any* religion should be able to dictate the actions of those who are not actually believers in that religion, cult or whatever. To give Christianity (or any religion) "special status" to dictate to others is unacceptable in 2021.

So pitty the poor New World supermarket owner in Wanaka who dared to open on Friday.

What next?

Should we bring back witch burning?

Come on people, let's move into the 21st century.

In my honest opinion, religion is little more than another form of the flat-earth cult.

There is zero scientific evidence to support the existance of a "god" as depicted in the bible and the reality is that the more primitive the culture, the more gods they have. We like to think of ourselves as advanced because, unlike those primative people of yester-year, we know there is no sun god, no fertility god, no rain god, etc. Science has disproven all that mumbo-jumbo.

Why then, do we allow exactly the same mumbo-jumbo to dictate the laws that govern our society today?

I do understand that for some people religion plays an important part in their lives. It gives them a crutch on which to lean and a belief that gives their lives meaning. That's fine and dandy. Hell, I even smile kindly at the JWs that knock on my door and treat them with civility and courtesy. I acknowledge their passion and their faith but politely inform them that I do not want, nor do I need religion in MY life.

And I certainly do not want or need religion shaping the laws that dictate what I can and can't do in a supposedly modern, advanced civilisation.

Readers' thoughts on this?

Are you offended by my total disbelief in God and my contempt for any laws that are a sop to religious mumbo-jumbo?

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