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Plague, pestilance, now famine?

13 July 2021

I'm not a religious person but I do admire the Bible, albeit more as a work of wonderful ambiguity than one of fact.

By writing this tome in a fashion that can be repeatedly interpreted in ways that its predictions appear to be supported by current events, the writers of the Bible have made its teachings attractive to those who are seeking answers to life's most challenging questions.

One particular cult, the Jehova's Witnesses, have been able to predict that the end of the world is always just a decade or so away by pointing to key events foretold in the scriptures and showing us that those events are happening right now.

My mother was a JW back in the 1960s and we had various devout followers meeting at the house to discuss the coming of the end. They often quoted Bible versus that *proved* we were just a few short years from the unleashing of Hell's gates (even though they don't believe in Hell).

Well let me take a look at this stuff, in light of recent events

Now I'm no Bible-swat, in fact I've read very little of the book. However, I do seem to recall that near the end, the world will be subjected to plague, pestilance and famine of unprecidented scale.

OMG... if what the Bible predicts is true the we should all be shaking in our jocks right now.

We've had the plague... in the form of CV19.

There's a huge infestation of mice and rats in Australia right now which is predicted to get much worse

And now... famine could be a very real outcome of the very severe heatwaves that are sweeping continental areas of the Northern Hemisphere and causing huge crop losses.

Oh no... the complete trifecta!

We're doomed I tell you!

Any moment now I expect to see four riders on horses roll up with official news of the coming of the end.

Cue Tui's ad.

Sorry folks, climate change may be a factor in our ultimate demise but I can't really ascribe much in the way of credibility to the words in the Bible when it comes to predicting recent events such as the ones I've alluded to.

Those who wrote such things as the Bible and the prophesies of Nostradamus were very clever to be so cryptic as to make those predictions easily relatable to almost any time in history. Oh yes, Nostradamus had to conceal his prophesies to avoid the wrath of "the powers that be" at the time (how convenient that he couldn't do a more accurate rendition and hide it away for posterity though).

The Bible seems to be very, very accurate when it comes to names and places of things past but infinitely vague and fuzzy when it comes to the timing of future catastrophies and happenings. Again, how very convenient.

Fear not, I don't think the end is as nigh as some might think, if they've just read the scribblings of Daniel and did a speed-read of Revelations. There have been countless times in the history of mankind when we've had the golden trifecta -- and still we're here.

The Bible, as a creative work, is not without merit. The Ten Commandments are a pretty good rough guide to morals and eithics that all Politicians could learn a thing or two from but, aside from that however, I think it best stays of the fiction shelves, in my honest opinion.

In the meantime, live each day as if it was your last - one day you'll be right!

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