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Lockdown until Christmas?

20 September 2021

After weeks of trending downwards, it's starting to look as if CV19 infection numbers are on the way back up.

How can this be?

The only area where community transmission is occuring is Auckland and that district is under a level 4 lockdown.

What has gone wrong with our "elimination" strategy?

Given the far more transmissible nature of the delta variant, is "elimination" still a viable strategy?

What's more, given the number of idiots who seem to think that lockdown rules are for thee and not for me, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing cases appearing outside of Auckland.

I suspect that it's also now only a matter of time before the NZ government follows in the wake of others around the world and decides to give up on a strategy that has been effective for almost 18 months but now seems to be crumbling.

It's already becoming very apparent that the primary push now is to get the levels of vaccination up to a point where losing control of virus containment will have far less effect on the number of hospital admissions and deaths. Sadly, given the level of selfishness within a minute percentage of the population who think they are somehow exempt from lockdown restrictions, this is probably now our only hope.

Even this strategy however, will be limited by the dullards who seemingly can't even manage the most basic math required to work out that vaccination significantly reduces their chances of severe illness or death. What's more, I suspect that many of the anti-vaxers are more likely to catch the virus while they're out (without masks) burning down 5G towers so they're a double-threat to the health of everyone.

This leaves me wondering what our summer and our Christmas will look like this year.

Will all the family you know and love (especially the older and less healthy ones) actually be at the Christmas table, if the virus is let-loose?

One thing is for sure... there won't be the same selection of gifts around so you may have to make do with a lump of coal (if it's still legal to possess such a thing) instead of a fancy new bit of hi-techery -- supply chains being what they are.

On the subject of supply chains... I mentioned this in the forums but it deserves a mention here as well: During the latest strong winds, a section of the rotting old fence that surrounds this property blew down. When I went down to the local branch of Bunnings to grab some timber and plywood to fix it up I was shocked. There was virtually *no* construction timber there, nor any plywood.

It seems we really do have a building materials supply crisis. I'd hate to be someone trying to build a new house or perform major renovations right now!

Ah well, things are what they are... I guess we'll just have to grit our teeth and bear whatever comes in the months ahead.

We can't keep Auckland locked-down forever (even though there are some outside of NZ's largest city who might think that a great idea) so I'm picking that we'll seen a significant change in government policy before the end of the month.

Or (as always), I could be wrong.

What say you?

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