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Now I am getting worried (a little)

4 October 2021

The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Or so it would seem.

Right now the UK seems to have it quite bad, with petrol stations running dry, energy companies in crisis or just failing completely and massive supply-chain problems that will leave many pommes cold, hungry and stranded for Christmas.

And then there's Covid of course, although that's starting to look like the least of their problems.

Here in New Zealand, things aren't a whole lot better.

Whilst we still have enough fuel to power our cars, we do have a few more spanners being thrown into the works of our economy and our society of late.

For example... the USA has announced that it won't be delivering mail to New Zealand (and a bunch of other countries) for a while.

If you've got friends or relatives in the USA, don't expect a Christmas present from them... unless they're prepared to fork out a small fortune on expensive courier delivery... and even then, nothing's really guaranteed to arrive in any reasonable amount of time.

Then there's our CV19 situation.

I am currently bewildered and confused as to why it is that our lockdown laws seem to be applied so selectively of late.

Over the weekend, Bishop Brian and his gang staged a large anti-vax, anti-lockdown rally in Auckland. This, the PM conceded, was illegal, yet not a single arrest was made by PC plod who was there and watching the flagrant offending.

Elsewhere, crowds greater than that allowed under lockdown attended a funeral yet again, nobody was held to account.

In fact it seems that although police are more than happy to arrest the occasional individual who might violate the rules, crowds engaging in potential super-spreader events have some kind of immunity from prosecution. How the hell does that work?

To me, this smacks of the barman on the Titanic mopping up the few drops of whiskey spilt on the bar -- whilst an ocean of water gushes through the gaping hole in the hull beside it. In short, an utter waste of time and energy.

How can you not feel at least a little sympathy for anyone who's copped a fine for not wearing a mask or some other probably inconsequential breach of the lockdown rules, while Bish Brian's gang are free to thumb their nose, en-masse, at the same rules with impunity?

I guess that even in the most dire of times, politicians must protect their right to be hypocrites -- for that is the currency of power in this crazy world.

Where to from now, for CV19 in NZ?

Well, as I said in a previous column, the PM should simply say:

"Everyone has three weeks to get vaccinated because three weeks after that deadline, we go back to level 2 nation-wide and the unvaccinated will just have to take their chances"

This would be the simplest, fairest and probably the *only* way to get NZ back to normal in with the least financial and psychological pain.

Let Bish Brian and his anti-fax fanbois have the courage of their misconceptions, for their God will surely protect them.

Anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated can stand in the "second priority" queue at A&E when they develop symptoms whilst the rest of the population either suffer no or very few symptoms due to their high level of antibodies to the virus. Those who are unfortunate enough to develop more severe symptoms despite vaccination will have priority over the unvaccinated when it comes to ICU or HDU beds.

If these people are smart enough to decide they don't want/need the vaccine then they'll be smart enough to understand the possible consequences of that decision.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can get back to as near-normal as possible by Christmas.

However, that decision needs to be made right now.

Sadly, I fear that Jacinda doesn't have the testicular fortitude to make such a crucial and essential move. As a result, New Zealand will spend the next six months stumbling along, lurching in and out of L3 lockdown as we "pat at" putting out the fire that is CV19.

Future generations will carry the economic scars of this fiasco for many years to come; as if the burden of skyrocketing house prices wasn't already going to be enough of a millstone around their necks.

Never mind, summer will still be here so we can all enjoy bitching about the relentless heat, as we peer over our fences at the forbidden world outside.

Ah well, carpe diem wins again!

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