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I had fun

15 October 2021

My days are built on routine.

I get up well before the sun each morning, even in mid-summer when the sun rises very early.

I shower, have breakfast and sit at my desk and spend an hour or two catching up on what's happened around the world, whilst also scanning the wires for inspiration to write this daily column. Once that inspiration is found, I spend another 30-45 minutes turning my thoughts into words and etching them on the face of the world-wide web.

Next I draw up a list of the day's tasks and prioritise them before addressing each one in turn.

Come mid-afternoon I pause for a meal and then return to the list of tasks.

A little later I take a break and have a walk... either striding off to the supermarket and grabbing tomorrow's essentials or perhaps wandering off to the park to do some pull-ups on the bars conveniently provided for such exertions.

By early evening it's time to wind down so I have a glass of my favourite tipple, which varies by the day and season but right now it's a cheap but cheerful sparkling Chardonay Pinot Noir that costs just $10 a bottle. Sometimes however, it's a Cranberry Fizz -- a creation of my own experimentation, consisting of 1/3 Cranberry Juice (NOT cranberry *flavoured* sugar-water), 1/4 squeezed lemon juice and the remainder being soda water. If you've never tried this... give it a go, it's gorgeously refreshing and rather good for you as well.

Next comes a shower and it's off to the land of nod.

Yesterday however, I did something a little different... because... well: carpe diem!

As the sun reached its apex in the sky it was obvious that the day was going to be a cracker.

A gentle breeze mitigated the growing heat from the sun peering down from a clear blue sky. Too good to waste!

So I ditched the list of tasks and headed off to have some fun!

I grabbed a drone and my camera then went down to the local motocross track (which happens to be right next to the airfield).

What a fantastic out-of-body experience I had, chasing a couple of dirtbikes around the corners and over the jumps -- sometimes just barely a metre or so from the angry rear wheel that constantly threw dust and rocks into the air.

My hands, although still somewhat shaky, were much better than they usually are which simply added to the joy I was feeling.

This is one of those things that you just can't describe sufficiently; it's something you really have to experience first-hand. It's kind of like those dreams where you can fly... but better, much much better because it's real.

I only took a couple of charged batteries but that few minutes of adrenaline kept me buzzing for the entire rest of the day and reminded me why I must continue to live each day as if it were my last. Life really is too valuable to waste doing "tasks" 100 percent of the time. You really have to "live" if you want to live.

So there you go. Nothing earthshattering or particularly exciting for you as the reader today but I'm still buzzing as I relive the experience and start editing up some video from the few minutes of excitement that reminded me of the importance of just having fun from time to time.

I thank you for your indulgence!

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