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I do not have Covid-19

17 May 2024

Nothing has divided the world more than the issue of vaccination against Covid 19.

Some say it's evil and far too dangerous, others claim (with good evidence) that it has saved millions of lives through and in the wake of the recent pandemic.

I'm vaxed and double boosted but I very strongly support an individual's right to choose whether they accept a vaccination against CV19, even though saying so cost me a community strike on YouTube for alleged "medical misinformation".

The efficacy of the vaccine is not as high as we were initially lead to believe. It won't stop you getting the virus but it will reduce the severity of symptoms, we are now told.

Well there seems to be something far more effective than the vaccination, if my experiences of the past week are anything to go by.

Late last week, my wife came into contact with someone who was suffering from CV19 and within three days, she was sick.

A RAT test confirmed that she had CV19 and despite her vax and tripple booster status (the last of which was given less than a month ago), she was not a well person. Sore throat, constant coughing, headache, runny nose and other symptoms.

Now I share a bed with the old sheila, we live together in a small house and, being as it's almost winter and has been quite wet, we've spent most of the past week together in close proximity.

So why haven't I caught the dreaded CV19? Why are my RAT tests still negative, after almost a week of exposure to the virus?

Perhaps it's in part down to genetics? Luck? A stronger than average immune system?

Or maybe it's that I've had a very minor cold all this time (even before she came down with CV19).

I'm not coughing, my nose is runny but my sinuses aren't congested and I feel about 90% normal. I'm still doing my 5-10Km walks each day and remain relatively unaffected by this little cold.

However, this got me to thinking...

Viruses, just like bacteria and most other forms of life, are designed for a "survival of the fittest" type of existance. To survive and thrive, all forms of life have to out-do any competing form -- could this also be the case with viruses?

I was wondering whether perhaps the fact that some kind of rhinovirus was already replicating in my body had closed the door to the invading CV19 virus. Could it be that a good old cold outcompeted CV19 to use my body as a factory for replicating itself?

Naturally I decided to do some research and came up with some fascinating material.

According to this BBC story, Common cold may give some protection against Covid-19, study suggests.

Another story was titled Common cold could explain why some people never seem to get COVID-19

This piece claims

"while the common cold might be a nuisance, it also may have the ability to act as a barrier against other viruses, including COVID-19, experts say"

So, has my cold allowed me to dodge the CV19 bullet?

I have no idea, but I can't think of any other plausible explanation. My last booster shot was a couple of years ago and I've never actually had the virus so it's otherwise hard to understand how it is that I'm still healthy and well while the wife is more than a little wiped-out.

I'm aware that the incubation period for CV19 can vary wildly from 2-10 days and perhaps it's just that I'm still within that period -- but the same virus started producing symptoms in just a few days in the wife's case whilst my RAT tests, a week later, are still negative.

Looking at how much this virus has knocked the old girl around, I'm going to say something I never thought I would: "I'm so glad to have a cold right now".

Carpe Diem folks!

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