Payback Time!

Here are the email addresses of those who have been silly
enough to spam me. I hope they enjoy the deluge of junkmail
that will inevitably result from being featured on this page.

Last time I checked, this page was spidered by at least five spambots
per day. These spambots collect the addresses published here and add
them to a myriad of different junk-email lists.

The moral is -- let he who lives by the spam, die by the spam.

Welcome to the fine spammers from TraderPoint aka ExchangePoint who have
decided to spam one of my email addresses. You'll see that your own
addresses have been added here so that you'll soon be getting far more
spam than you've ever done before -- Enjoy!

No, I don't want to take advantage of your fantastic "opportunity"!

Michael Reehall of

This idiot even invites you to sign up your friends to his spam-list.

Here's the NZ domain registry record for
I hope the guys at give this guy a kick up the
backside since he's effectively implicating them as being spam-friendly,
if not then Gary Benner deserves brused buttocks as well.


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