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I did predict this

8 Dec 2023

When I first made this prediction, many people claimed I was nuts.

Today however, it seems that my concerns and warnings are being shown to have been right on the money and even the harshest of my critics are beginning to concede that I was right.

I'm talking about drones (again- ugh!) and the efforts being made by "big money" to clear all recreational users of these craft from the airspace they now consider to be theirs and which they believe ought to be fully commercialised for their own benefit.

The key strategy being used by these companies, in order to convince the public, regulators and governments to clear the skies of pesky hobbyists, is to create a constant stream of disinformation designed to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt in respect to drones.

That campaign continues to ramp up and its effects are now being widely felt across the world.



Forums are Down

Damn, why is it so hard to keep any reliable forum capability going these days?

I'll be working to get the forums up again but it seems that it might not be a simple task. The hosting company has obviously changed something but now it's up to me to try and get PHPBB working with their new configuration :-/

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