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EU Copyright craziness

21 June 2018

I mentioned yesterday that one of the certainties of life was "idiots in positions of power". Well today we have further proof of that.

Members of a European Parliament committee have voted in favour of significant changes to EU copyright law, changes that, if ratified by a full vote of the European Parliament (due to be held next month) will make the EU a talentless laughing stock when compared to the rest of the "free" world.

The changes would effectively destroy any concept of fair use and effectively make the concept of memes, parody linking to copyrighted material without permission or payment, an offense.

Seriously? I thought hard drugs were still illegal in the EU so what excuse do these dullard politicians have for making such a ludicrous recommendation?

Seventy movers and shakers from within the internet community and industry have strongly objected to these moves, calling them "an imminent threat to the future" of the internet (as we presently know it).

I'd go a step further and say that it's nothing but EU politicians engaging in a power-trip, just for the hell of it.

"Hey Gustav, what's the point of power if you don't abuse it eh"?

"Quite right my friend, now let's make them use electric kettles with a maximum of just 500W of power, ha ha ha ha!"

Yes, I'm pretty sure this is the type of conversation that takes place between EU politicians when they're supping from the neck of a magnum of Cristal whilst sharing the taxpayer-funded hot-tub with a bevy of scantily clad hookers from the nearest fornicatorium.

Surely, in any working democracy, any decision this pivotal to the future of a key piece of infrastructure should be made by the people, not their elected jesters and clowns.

People of the EU should demand a referendum on this proposal... or drain the hot-tubs, replace the Cristal with bathroom water and fit chastity belts to their hookers.

Of course I strongly doubt that any EU citizens (except perhaps for those in France) would dare to get off their chuffs long enough to force the hands of their politicians... but maybe the various industries which rely on the Net could do something -- in the way that YouTube almost certainly did earlier this week.

Google, Netflix, Instagram, Facebook and every other major Net-based service should immediately put up a huge geofence around the EU if/when this legislation comes into force.

Let's see how the politicians survive more than a week without instant access to Pornhub, online gambling and the raft of other "core services" which I'm sure they rely so heavily on to make it through the day.

If these fools want to try and exert this level of control over the Net then let them do without the benefits that it brings. Perhaps only this level of action on the part of Net-based services will force the citizens of the EU to stand up and demand that commonsense be restored.

Will that happen?

It's hard to say... profit is a powerful motive and I don't see Facebook or Google really being prepared to throw away money just to make a point or to support the rights of what are clearly a very oppressed people.

What are your thoughts?

Is the EU about to effectively disconnect itself from the rest of the free world?

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