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Sinos under the lino?

13 December 2018

Back in the days of the cold-war there was a saying "Reds under the bed".

This referred to the fear that communists (mainly from the USSR) were infiltrating the USA and spying on secrets.

The term "McCarthyism" speaks to a culture of that era where a significant number of people were accused of subversion or treason without proof or justification. Being labeled as a communist spelled the end of many a promising career and even saw people being incarcerated without just cause.

Those were days of extreme paranoia in the USA and this was probably where the governments of the world (especially those of the USA) discovered that creating an "enemy", be it real or fabricated, was a great way to trample on the public's rights without them complaining.

Today of course, that straw-man approach to usurping people's rights has been taken to new heights and we've seen a succession of illusionary "wars" against things like "terror", "drugs" and such, each of which has seen the public happy to give up rights in return for the promise of security.

And now the US politicians have crafted a new war... the war against Chinese spies.

The similarities between the cold war of the 1950s-1970s and the war now being created against Sino spies are striking.

Newspaper articles have claimed that certain computer chips have been subverted by their Chinese manufacturers to spy on Western activities. This, of course, has proven to be false by those who have actually studied the chips involved at a forensic level -- but that doesn't matter.

As they say, one of the first victims of war is truth.

Now we see G5 nations effectively banning the Chinese communications giant Huawei from their list of approved suppliers -- for fear that the Sino product will either spy on the West's communications or contain some kind of back-door switch that could be activated so as to cripple comms infrastructure in time of conflict.

And now the USA is playing its trump (no pun intended) card -- the arrest and extradition gambit.

Huawei's CFO was arrested in Canada, by order of the US government and is now awaiting extradition to the USA.

Wow... how often has this played out before? Kim Dotcom? Julian Assange?

It seems that the USA is seeking to make an example of what they will doubtless call "an evil Chinese agent" by throwing them in jail for an indefinite period of time -- simply because they can.

But hang on, won't this cause a tit-for-tat reaction from the Chinese?

Of course it will... but that's how this game is played.

If you're going to create a war, you need to get the people of your nation behind you and what better way than to provoke a situation where a foreign nation is seen to be acting against you?

Clearly now that the claims of doctored computer chips has been proven to be false, a new evil action must be conjured up and what better way to do that than to provoke your alleged enemy into taking some evil action against you? Perhaps by arresting and jailing the CFO of one of their largest firms?

And let's not forget that Trump is planning to impose tariffs on Chinese tech imports, another ladle of fat on the fire of conflict.

So it seems that, at least from the USA's twisted perspective, China is the new evil.

The war against drugs was an abject failure. The war against terror seems to have fizzled out. So now, we have "the war against Chinese spies" with which to strip away the few remaining rights of citizens and the once "free" people of Western democracies.

Don't believe me?

Well did you not notice that Australia (one of Five Eyes) has just stripped away the right to privacy by way of encrypted communications? Expect the other Five-Eyes countries (including NZ) to follow shortly.

And remember... before you go to bed tonight... check for Sinos under the lino!

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