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Any excuse to play the victim?

11 February 2019

There was a time when human beings were tough and resilient.

Thanks to evolutionary pressures, only the strong survived and each generation saw the species become better adapted to the sometimes challenging environment in which they lived.

Well the wheels have sure fallen off that trolley of advancement in a big way, and quite recently too.

I'm not talking about how our physical traits are now devolving rather than evolving, because I've written about that before. What I am talking about is the way we have become a species of girl's blouses (oh.. can I use such a discriminatory and racist term? -- of course I can, this is *my* column and I can say whatever the hell I like).

It strikes me that there are now groups of people who are looking for any excuse to be offended or play the victim... and it sucks.

I noticed a glaring example of this just a few weeks ago, right here in Tokoroa.

Each year the town hosts a charity Cheese Rolling event, organised by part-time resident Mr Marcus Maydon. The proceeds of this event are donated to various local charities and it's a great "fun" day out for the family.

Despite the fact that it involves running flat-tack down a very steep hill in hot pursuit of a wheel of cheese, there have only been minor injuries over the years and this is a risk that people accept when entering.

Oh yes, there's also an ambulance waiting at the bottom of the hill (no jokes about a fence at the top please).

As well as the cheese rolling itself there are a number of other events which the community are invited to enter. There's a caber toss, trolley derby, gumboot throw and such -- all of which are a lot of fun and see people engaged in friendly competition with each other.

This year, Marcus decided to include shin-kicking. This is an old form of combat (dating back to the 17th century) where participants attempt to knock their opponent to the ground by tipping them off balance and effectively kicking their feet out from under them. It's really no different martial arts, wrestling and a raft of other similar sports.

But, wouldn't you know it... a bunch of professional victims have decided to be offended by this proposal.

According to this story which featured first in the local (free) rag published by Fairfax, the Tokoroa Council of Social Services has decided that they'd bitch about it. General Manager of TCOSS Josiah Teokota told the paper that any form of violence was unacceptable.

Bloody snowflake!

Of course the lunacy of this statement was further exposed when he went on to admit that he knew nothing about the background or culture of the sport. Funny how some groups demand that we all preserve *their* culture but so quickly discount the importance of culture when it applies to some other group eh?

Okay... so that was a storm in a teacup and we've moved on -- but in this morning's news I saw this story and was equally blown away by some people's propensity to play the victim.


A group of Asians were offended by the fact that they were referred to as "Asians"?

How sad it must be when you are so ashamed of your race that you consider mention of it to be such a hugely offensive thing.

Get over it people!

If you are Asian, be proud of the fact and celebrate the fact that although you may be offended by mention of your race, others clearly don't consider the collective noun for your particular branch of the human race to be a slight or an insult.

What the hell is wrong with (some) people these days?

We're seeing a merging of the cult of political correctness with the newfound profession of "being a victim" and this is the result -- stupidity that beggars belief.

What do readers think?

Is it just that I'm old and come from a time when men were men and we weren't all just wandering about trying to find reasons to be upset by someone?

Wade in via the comments and let's see what you think. And if you think I'm just a thicko Caucasian then say so, I promise not to cry.

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