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More professional victims whinge

20 February 2019

On the 11th of this month (less than two weeks ago) I wrote a column about the growing culture of playing the victim.

Well I'm sorry to say it but things are going from bad to worse!

Over the past couple of days I've seen even more example of people and groups who are going out of their way (it would seem) to be considered victims -- and it sucks!

Just this morning I read this story in which a would-be tenant was "shocked" by the racism they encountered. Seriously?

In this case the prospective tenant was Maori and the landlord made it clear that the tenancy was for one person only... family or friends were not supposed to stay-over.

That sounds reasonable to me, it becomes a condition of the tenancy in much the same way that a landlord might specify "no dogs" or whatever. Perhaps, on this occasion, the landlord could have nancied around and bent over backwards to avoid "hurt feelings" by not mentioning the "M" word but is life really long enough for that kind of crap?

It is well known that many Maori are family-focused, and that's a good thing. In the Maori culture, great weight is placed on the importance of family and it's not uncommon for members of the family (or extended family) to stay with each other, sometimes for extended periods. The landlord is clearly aware of this and simply made the point that this is not acceptable.

However, as I've said previously, some people seem to be constantly on the lookout for opportunities to be "shocked" and offended.

The next example of this situation is this story involving something as innocent as chocolate.

OMG... talk about snowflakes!

Now I have no problems at all with gender fluidity or transgender folk. Hell, one of my daughters is gay and we have a transgender member of our local RC flying group. I, and those around me, are all grown-ups. We can handle this without any problems whatsoever.

Sadly however, "victims" like Rainbow Youth executive director Frances Arns is nowhere near as tolerant as the rest of us and she is "disappointed" that Whittaker's are only recognising two sexes.

Get over it Frances and stop looking for excuses to be upset.

Intersex person Sarah Hendrica Bickerton also seems to have gotten his/her nose out of joint at the Whittaker's/Plunket campaign.

Good grief... don't you have better things to grizzle about and what is the correct pronoun to use for an intersex person anyway? (answer)

Someone needs to remind these professional victims that it's not always about THEM so stop being so damned silly and selfish.

When I'm disadvantaged in some small way (and trust me, not being able to find a chocolate that reflects your gender fluidity is a *very* small problem) -- I just move on. What a shame these people seem so handicapped by their own self-importance that they can't do the same.

Fortunately, these few whingers do not actually seem to be what they claim -- representatives of the LGBT community because none of the LGBT people I know are anywhere near as easily offended (or looking to be offended). If there is one message I would like to send to this (and other) communities,cultures or minority groups it would be: "don't turn yourselves into victims and choose spokespeople who demonstrate your strengths and determination -- not ones that are constantly looking for reasons to be offended".

N'uff said?

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