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Why I might buy a Huawei phone

21 May 2019

Boy, has the USA got "the hates" going on for Huawei right now don't they?

Not only has the USA basically said "use Huawei-built telecoms equipment and we won't let you play on our team" to all its intelligence partners, but now Google has said "get out of the Android pool" as well.

It's a double-whammy hit for the company and must be really putting even greater pressure on the rapidly growing rift between China and the USA.

In fact, the USA is certainly not going to win the Dale Carnegie award this year, what with its alienation of China, Iran and a bunch of other countries.

You have to sometimes admire Trump for calling a spade "a bloody shovel" but he should stop there and avoid battering people, companies, and entire countries over the head with the said earth-moving implement -- or this could come back to bite him and the USA firmly on the bum.

Huawei have responded to being ousted from the Android club by claiming that they have their own mobile OS ready to go -- and that might be a great strategy for them.

Right now they're second (behind Samsung) in the smartphone marketplace so they do command a huge amount of clout. If they could produce a viable android-alternative and successfully market it to other mobile manufacturers and developers, we might actually see the first real competitor to Google's over-reaching dominance of the technology world.

Domestic sales into the Chinese population of almost 1.4 billion people would automatically give such an OS a huge kick-start and I'm sure that if Trump continues to goad the Chinese government as he has been, they'll gladly throw a huge fist-full of cash into promoting such an OS to a much wider audience.

Developers would do well to consider the potential value of selling into a population this size so a whole new mobile OS ecosystem could be formed pretty damned quickly -- if China had a mind to support it.

But how would they get around the potential security implications -- the very thing that has gotten Huawei so off-side with the USA in the first place? How could the Chinese convince the rest of the world that their new mobile OS wasn't just a trojan horse, designed to give them access to your every secret (you know, like Google has now)?

Well open-sourcing it would be the obvious solution to that. This would give everyone the confidence to adopt the Sino-Android alternative and, if the Chinese were smart enough, they could even make it more attractive than the Google option by adding a raft of privacy-enhancing features that Android doesn't have.

The next thing to do would be to set up small "assembly" or "final-stage" operations in countries that were supposedly allies and intelligence partners of the USA. This would mean that the phones were not "made in China" but "made in Australia" or "made in Canada" and thus would not be subject to the tariffs and restrictions that I'm sure Trump would otherwise place on sino-products.

China needs to box-smart on this, and they have more than enough money, resources and manpower to do so.

I for one would *love* to see someone step up to the plate and thumb their nose at Google, the USA and the nasty pressures that they apply to other companies and countries.

Hell, I almost feel like going out and buying a Huawei phone today, just to express my support.

Am I worried that such a phone might compromise my privacy?


Well let's be honest. If you value your privacy, you won't be using *any* Google product and you are incredibly naive if you think that Five Eyes isn't already aware of everything they want to know about your activities.

It's hard to imagine that Huawei and the Chinese government would be any worse in this regard.

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