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Time for some lynching?

30 March 2020

I think there would be few people who could argue against the claim that New Zealand is probably the best place to be in the world right now.

Yes, we have hundreds of cases of Covid-19 and there has already been one death from the virus but we are so much better off than most of our peers.

In fact, we're one of the few nations that has any chance of eraidcating the virus before it does significant harm. We're also one of the few nations that can, for the foreseeable future, remain self-sufficient to the extent that our borders can remain closed for a year or more.

Yes, life would be a whole lot tougher than it is now but there is a workable chance that we could become coronavirus-free while the rest of the world simply struggles to keep the ongoing death toll as low as possible.

How are we going to do this?

Well if we can halt the transfer of the virus between people then those who have it will either die or recover. Either way, they then pose no risk to others (aside perhaps from a few who remain low-level carriers and would need to remain quarantined).

If we can clear our population of the active virus then we could, at least in theory, keep the drawbridges up long enough for an effective vaccine to be developed -- at which time the entire population could be innoculated and we would once again be able to allow visitors.

The benefits to us as a nation and an economy would be staggering.

While the rest of the world remained in lock-down or had to deal with the huge fallout from mass sickness and death, NZ could get "almost" back to normal, with people returning to work, with freedom of movement and association restored.

While the rest of the world was fighting Covid-19, we could be busy rebuilding our battered economy, giving us a huge head-start on the rest of the world. Properly managed, NZ's very early recovery could give us a huge advantage in world-markets and position us for a new era of previously unseen prosperity.

Of course this all hinges on us being resolute and sensible enough to conquer the virus while we can.

Sadly, from what I've seen, this may be a futile hope.

While 99% of the people around me are acting responsibly and staying home so as to confine their interaction to their own "isolation bubble", I'm afraid to say that I've seen too many idiots out there doing exactly the opposite.

A house near us had another family roll up in their car and start partying with the people inside. They even bought their kids. The stereo blasted all day and it looked as if everyone was having a great time. WTF???

I've also seen kids riding up and down the streets on bikes in reasonable sized groups who, I'm damned sure, aren't all from the same household.

And it's not just this town that is suffering from its fair percentage of inconsiderate fools. Apparently the police webform set up for reporting violations of the lockdown is suffering from overloading as huge numbers of people dob in these dickheads.

If we're to have a hope in hell of pulling off a miracle we *all* have to be acting responsibly, not selfishly.

To be honest, I think it's almost time that we went from "a state of emergency" to Marshall Law. There has been a spate of burglaries and thefts during this first week of the lock-down so I really would love to see a dusk to dawn curfew imposed, with violators arrested and locked up.

I don't care if arrogant, dim-bulb, idiots endanger their own lives but by doing this sort of thing they're actually endangering *every* single life in the country and that is simply unacceptable. At the least they should be charged with attempted manslaughter for their displays of contempt for the safety of the community and the nation as a whole.

Am I going over the top on this?

Should we be tolerant of those dick-heads who would turn our once in a century opportunity to come out of this on-top and to save what could be tens of thousands of lives? Or should we simply give them what they deserve when they're caught?

To the forums with you -- get the rope and let's find a tree! :-)

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