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Have we reached peak-crazy?

17 June 2020

Is it just me, or is the feeling of weirdness in respect to the current state of the world seem to be growing rather than subsiding?

Yes, we've had the CV19 thing and that's sure turned the world upside down but there is more.

This whole BLM issue has gotten so far out of control that (as I've mentioned in previous columns) anyone who isn't advocating for the rights of blacks on a 24/7 basis is deemed to be deeply racist.

And now we have rapidly escalating tensions between some of the world's most populous nations threatening to boil over into a very nasty and possibly horrific military confrontation.

Yes, I'm talking about the situation between China and India.

There are now reports that scores of soliders on each side have been killed or wounded in the latest "skirmishes" between China and India.

China for its part, is not backing down and the CCP's mouthpiece newspaper warned that there is a very real risk of things "spiralling out of control".

I have to say that I've been wondering how long it will take before China decides to go "full military" in a number of theatres around the world.

They are constantly rattling their sabres in respect to the status of Taiwan and recent events in Hong Kong show that their patience is rapidly running out in respect to annexing that island's hopes for political independance.

On a wider scale, one can't help but wonder whether the claims of Five Eyes nations that the Chinese state has been using its success in the hi-tech arena to infiltrate key parts of the West's communications infrastructure. Obviously having companies such as Huawei providing much of that infrastructure, especially in the 5G world, would deliver a huge strategic advantage to China in the event that relations worsened and it decided to advance a growing level of "cold" conflict into something a little more physical and heated.

If the Western world does plunge into a significant depression as a result of CV19, that will give China extra reasons to perhaps consider that "the time is right" for some assertive action on the world military stage. So long as the West is buying large amounts of China's exports the CCP will be happy. However, if that export trade dries up this will place pressure on the domestic economy and perhaps lead to increased chance of civil unrest within its borders.

That is the last thing the CCP want so they may opt to do what every leader does when they feel their grip on power slipping... create a diversion, a crisis, a unifying force that plays on the patriotism and nationalistic fevor of the population to get them back into line and showing support for their leaders.

Armed conflict is always high on the list of such unifying events.

I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone's attention that China has been extremely busy building its military capabilities and the technology of warfare.

While the USA may still hold the crown for "most technologically advanced", China's "cheap, cheerful and plentifull" approach has the potential to overwhelm the USA's forces by sheer weight of numbers and scale.

And what better time to make a move than when your foe is compromised by the effects of a pathogen, divided by race issues and being led by someone who appears (if recent video is anything to go by) to be suffering some kind of neurological degradation.

I'd really love to see what kind of correspondence is going on right now between the CCP and "Little Kim" from North Korea. It would not surprise me if China hasn't seen the tactical and strategic value of inciting N.Korea into testing the USA's mettle before making their own moves.

Of course this is all just a huge amount of speculation on my part and clear evidence that I had nothing else to write about today. However, a lot of it does seem to dovetail and given how crazy the world is right now, I wouldn't dismiss anything as an impossibility.

What do readers think?

Have we reached "peak crazy" and "peak weird"... or is the worst yet to come?

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