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Kwality Jernalism strikes again

14 August 2020

Yesterday I ripped a new one.

This story is the most appalling piece of bad journalism and ignorance of the English language I've seen in a mainstream "news" publication for a very, very long time. In fact it might just be the worst ever.

In fact, it was so bad that I made a video about it:

If you can't be bothered watching the video, let me summarise the worst of it.

Firstly, none of the claims made by the parties interviewed were challenged or fact-checked by the "senior reporter" who wrote the item.

In fact, to be brutally honest, this reads like a piece of propaganda straight from the mouth of those seeking to skew public perception.

However, perhaps the most worrying aspect is the brutal attack that Mr Hunt has made on the fabric of the English language itself.

The first three sentences are littered, not only with hideous examples of bad grammar, but also with repitition -- cut and paste.

Lazy much?

Then, in what can only be called a "Shakespeare moment", Mr Hunt has decided to introduce a new word to the lexicon in the form of "diretcor". What the hell is a "diretcor"?

Oh, it's a misspelling of the word "director".

So let's get this straight... the "senior reporter" doesn't understand English grammar, and can't spell. Hell, he obviously can't even use (or be bothered to use) a spell-checker.

Yes, this is the "quality journalism" that Stuff is begging us (on every page) to pay for and support.

Oh get real!

But wait, it couldn't get any worse... could it?

Oh yes it could!

Mr Hunt uses the acronym "ALPA"... or, as he prefers: "Alpa".


Does he not understand that acronyms are spelt with capitals so as to signify that each letter stands for a word?

I was so gobsmacked at Mr Hunt's incompetence or sloppiness that I emailed him. He responded.

Now I would expect that anyone who's been shamed so publicly and any publication that has been mocked so mercilessly about the hypocrisy of claiming "quality journalism" whilst publishing something which is obviously anything-but, would quickly remedy the mistakes... right?

Well no. A full 24 hours later, the mistakes are still there for the world to see.

I shrug my shoulders in disbelief. I wonder if there are grounds to make a complaint on the basis that Stuff is misrepresenting itself on its begging page when it uses that phrase "quality journalism"?

Ah... I so fondly recall the days when journalists were just that. When those who were paid to write prose took pride in their work, and when proof readers were "a thing".

Stuff isn't a news publication, it's a flimsy fabric on which to place ads.

How sad is it that so many of the great-unwashed still believe, without question, whatever they read on so-called "news" sites like this?

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