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Is it a conspiracy?

17 November 2020

Everyone loves a good old conspiracy theory.

Deep down inside, we all like to think that there's always more than meets the eye to every situation. It is this inate distrust that sparks conspiracy theorists to come up with some amazing explanations for the mundane.

However, I do have to say that recent events around the world have given the conspiracy theorists fertile ground on which to sow their seeds of doubt.

One of the newer theories I came across the other day is a wonderful blend of biblical prophesy, anti-government sentiment and and the anti-vax community.

Apparently, Covid 19 is just part of a cunning plan to make us all into mindless droids who do the bidding of much more powerful entities.

Gosh,I thought we already qualified as mindless droids who existed only to better the fortunes of a select few. My goodness, how could I have been so wrong?

The conspiracists believe that CV19 was created in order to convince the wider community that we needed to accept a vaccine and universal identifiers so as to be totally "under the control" of the ruling powers.

Perhaps the vaccine is supposed to contain some mind-altering substance that makes us more submissive to the directives of others or maybe some kind of highly addictive substance that makes us totally (chemically) dependent on the state. Who knows?

This conspiracist cited the CV19 tracker app as an example of how governments were using the pandemic to track our every move and keep us under thumb. Indeed, to strengthen their position, they cited the move by government to make use of the tracker app compulsory on some occasions such as mass gatherings for concerts etc.

That actually raises an interesting point...

Believe it or not, not everyone has a smartphone -- indeed, I raise my hand as being guilty of this most abominable sin. My phone has no "smarts" to speak of, which suits me just fine. It can not run the tracker app and the plan I am on does not even have a data component so there'd be no way that app could report its contents to a central database anyway.

Does that mean I would be banned from attending mass-gatherings where signing in with the app might become compulsory?

I have a new word for the lexicon: techscrimination!

How dare they discriminate on the basis of how advanced or capable your technology is?

Gosh darn it... this *MUST* be a conspiracy (LOL).

Sadly, I suspect many of the feeble-minded amongst us will sign up to these conspiracies and in doing so, try to dodge the resonsibility of being vaccinated or playing a role in the control of CV19.

Perhaps there is nothing more dangerous than ignorance.

Yes, everyone should always exercise a healthy degree of skepticism at all times but we should not allow that skepticism to blind us to the reality of a situation.

I wonder how much work is being done in schools these days to equip our kids with just the right level of skepticism. Not too much, such that everything becomes a conspiracy, and not too little such that they never question what they're told.

Is this an area where we could all do better? Might having the right balance save us from the many scams that fill the world, whilst protecting us from the lunacy of the flat-earthers, anti-vaxers and other such fringe groups?

You tell me.

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