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Covid vaccine racism

25 March 2021

New Zealand is about to roll out its CV19 vaccination program.

At the top of the list are the front-line border and medical workers who are most likely to be exposed to the virus and there can be little argument that this is as it should be.

Next on the list are the more vulnerable members of society -- this being the over-65s and those with chronic medical conditions that predispose them to complications associated with catching the virus.

Again, this is as it should be.

However, it seems that this is not good enough for some and, once again, hypocrisy seems to be the dish of the day in some circles.

According to Radio New Zealand, Maori should be at the top of the list when vaccines are dispensed.

What a bunch of racist pricks! (excuse my French).

Now let me say right from the get-go that I know these are just a few self-interested arrogant hypocrites and empty-vessels make most noise so they're almost certainly not representative of the majority of Maori. However, this group of racist cretins seem to be saying "we are in favour of special favour based on race" -- and that does nothing but damage the call for racial equality in this country.

Do these idiots not realise that they are undermining all the wonderful work done by others in the Maori community who are striving for the real goal of equality and equity across the spectrums of race and culture?

The traditional image of a racist is some old white guy or a skin-head neo-nazi but the sad reality is, as proven by this outburst, there are some within the Maori community who are far more racist than those they accuse of such a crime.

Let's look at the justification they use for demanding that Maori are able to push their way to the front of the immunization queue...

According to the claims "Māori are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory conditions - which increase the risk of worse outcomes from contracting Covid-19"

Absolutely true... but is this justification for queue-jumping based on race?

No, of course not.

The government has already decided that those suffering from chronic illness that would put them at risk from CV19 will get priority, there is absolutely no need to bring race into this at all. Although Maori are over-represented in this group there are also many non-Maori who suffer from diabetes, lung disease etc who should be equally entitled to early-vaccination.

I am a strong advocate of race and cultural equality which is why I totally despise the sort of hypocritical closet-racism that we're seeing here from Rawiri Waititi. Clearly he does not want racial equality and an end to racism. He wants New Zealand to become a highly racist country where Maori are the super-race and all others are considered to be of lesser standing.

If I was to be uncharitable, I could point out to Mr Waititi that the chronic illnesses which predispose Maori to the effects of CV19 are predominantly self-inflicted. Type 2 diabetes, cancer and lung disease is predominantly driven by being overweight and smoking, things that are well within the control of everyone but areas where Maori choose to be over-represented.

Stop playing the victim Rawiri and instead of demanding that someone else gives you special privilege, take responsibility for your own wellbeing and health outcomes!

And there endeth today's rant, and yes it is a rant because the thing I despise above all else is hypocrisy.

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