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Another orchestrated litany of lies?

7 April 2021

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

Recognise that quote?

Does it remind you of recent events, driven by wokeness, political agenda and other insincere motives on the part of those in positions of power and authority?

Yes, it seems that George Orwell got the facts right, he was just 40 years early with the timing of his prophetic novel "1984".

And yesterday, a department of the NZ government showed that they're getting right into the spirit of disinformation, lies and deceit of which Orwell wrote.

The good old Ministry of Transport has shown its true colours and a remarkable contempt for the truth, at least in respect to the issue of drones and their regulation.

Yesterday they dropped this discussion paper (PDF) titled "Enabling Drone Integration".

Within a few seconds of scanning its 60+ pages I discovered that it was little more than a fantastic piece of propaganda designed to support a narrative that would see children of less than primary school age having to set an online exam and adults having to individually register their toy planes but not their guns.

The justifications given for these proposed far-reaching changes to drone rules and regulations are a thin tissue of lies and mis-information that do not pass even the most cursory of fact-checks.

For example, on page 20, section 61 they refer to the now thoroughly debunked claims that there was a drone responsible for the closure of Gatwick airport in the UK back in 2019 at a cost of more than 1.4 million quid. This is used as justification for rolling out harsh new diktats in respect to drone ownership and use in NZ.

Just a couple of pages before that the document states:

"Airways has also reported an increase in the number of incursions in controlled airspace that have increased from 33 in 2015 to 81 in 2019"

However, they fail to note that the numebr of "incursions" has fallen quite significantly from 2018 to the present day indicating a signficant reversal of an earlier trend. They also fail to acknowledge that many of the so-called "incursions" turned out to be not associated with drones at all.

The more I read, the more the thin tissue of lies that compose this document become apparent. The boldness of the deception and the sheer audacity of MoT to try and pass off its manipulations and disinformation as fact speaks very poorly of this government department.

We in the hobby have known for quite some time that the government wishes to impose heavy restrictions on recreational drones as the result of extensive lobbying from powerful commercial interests such as Google, Amazon and others whose wallets know no bounds. When CAA would not play ball with much of the proposed change (ie: mandatory registration of drones), our politicians simply moved the task to MoT who are far more compliant and willing to serve their political overlords without question.

Now as an RC model flier I find it ridiculous that my toys are to be regulated by The Ministry of TRANSPORT. My 1 metre wingspan scale model of a Piper Cub made from plastic foam and weighing just 1Kg or so TRANSPORTs nothing and, just like all the other models I've built and flown over the past 60 years, poses little risk to man or beast. Why therefore, should it need to be registered -- while hundreds of thousands of other honest Kiwis have racks filled with guns that do not need to be individually registered?

Likewise, the proposal that all RC models and drones should have an onboard "Remote ID" (RID) system that broadcasts data to the world about the owner, the craft and its position -- whilst manned aircraft will continue to be allowed to fly in class G airspace without the need for any sort of transponder - or even an aviation-band radio installed?

No, this is not about safety -- it's about lining the pockets of those who stand to benefit from the commercialisation of a tiny sliver of airspace that was (prior to the invention of commercial drones) worthless. Now I don't mind that they're trying to commercialise this airspace but I do mind that they are dishonestly playing the safety card to do so.

Right now I'm going through the previously mentioned document with a fine-toothed comb and will be issuing a very public challenge to every single fake-fact and misrepresentation it contains. The MoT may have more of a fight on their hands than they bargained for with this pile of drivel and the lies from which it is built.

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for that :-)

Meanwhile, if you haven't read 1984, go do so. It's an eye-opener and as a work of prophecy, it is remarkable in its accuracy. Why do we allow this to happen, it's not like we weren't clearly warned?

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