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Goodbye free speech, I already miss you

24 May 2021

I can not believe just how quickly the free world is giving up its right to free speech.

Although I have written on this subject just recently, I feel it important; nay, essential to restate this fact because the pace at which change is happening seems to be increasing day on day.

One of the things most feared by our forefathers (<--unWOKE alert) was that we would lose the right to express ourselves freely and thus become vulnerable to the influence of unreasonable or dictatorial governments. This is one of the reasons that so many risked or even sacrificed their own lives to fight a world war near the middle of last century.

During that war, the opposing forces (Nazi Germany and Japan) were societies that were driven by the diktats and ideologies of autocratic governments that did not acknowledge the rights or freedoms of of their people.

Our grandparents and great grandparents were not prepared to allow that sort of fascism to take over our nations so they fought to the death to prevent it.

And now we show huge disrespect for those brave men and women by cheerfully giving up the very freedoms that cost so many lives to protect.

Shame on those who do not rebel against such stupidity, shame shame shame!

Just in the last week I've seen a number of stories that show just how bad things are now getting and just how simply voicing an honest opinion can cause you to suffer significant penalty or loss.

In Canada, left-leaning liberals are pushing through a new attempt to regulate free speech in the form of bill C-10.

This would require social media platforms to moderate content in a way that would require Canadian content to be prioritised over other material. Failure to comply with the bill (if it becomes law) could see the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., facing significant penalties for not "Canadianising" their content sufficiently.

This is clearly an attempt to "shape" the form of free speech by a government and that is *NOT* free speech at all.

Of course privacy is something crucial to the support of free speech and in China, Apple has caved to government demands that it does not protect the privacy of its people from the eyes of the state. Yes, the might dollar (or yuan) is more important than priciple to Apple, or so it would seem.

Getting back to the WOKE state of the world and the effect this is having on freedom of speech, I see that even stating facts can have a serious effect on your career options in the current climate.

Oh my gawd... we can't have facts and science standing in the way of the professional victims' abilities to claim they've been harmed in some way by the utterings of another -- can we?

Finally, just this weekend, India has decided to wade into "shaping" the way we see the world by demanding that social media giants remove any postings which refer to the Indian variant of COVID-19, as if ignoring reality will make it go away.

Of course it always deserves another mention that despite their claim that they are simply a "platform" and not a "publisher" exercising editorial control, YouTube continues to curate its content so as to remove or shadow-ban any videos that do not echo its own political and social ideologies.

Free speech is indeed becoming simply an illusion and perhaps only by the time it has disappeared completely will we realise that once it has gone it can never be recovered because only freedom of speech can protect freedom of speech.

Enjoy the new world of "shaped" perspectives and suppressed dissent.

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