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How stupid are people?

25 May 2021

People love to believe the unbelievable.

Take UFOs for example.

Now I'm not saying that UFOs don't exist, nor am I suggesting for one moment that we are alone in the universe. However, I am constantly amazed at how quickly people decide that the first option for explaining the inexplicable must be something of an extra-terrestrial origin.

Back in the mid 1900s, UFOs were all the rage and reports of what was purported to be alien spaceships filled the media any time someone saw a bright light in the night sky. Of course more recently, "drones" are the explanation de jour but UFOs are making a come-back.

Now, even the US military are jumping back on the UFO bandwagon.

The mainstream media is now replete with stories about the fact that the Pentagon has confirmed that its UFO sightings are legit.

OMG! Are we under surveilance by visitors from another planet -- even another galaxy?

Could all that reckless drone flying on Mars have gotten the Martians (who probably live underground now and don't like all the banging and thumping that falling heat-shields and bouncing drones create) all riled up?

There sure is a lot of evidence being published online and YouTube is littered with videos taken by US military aircraft apparently showing craft that defy the laws of physics.

Wow... it's just like the 1960s all over again, except now they're using the acronym UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

In the video below it's alleged that three pyramid shaped UAP were captured by a night-vision camera and that there's no feasible explanation for what is seen.


Are the US military and intelligence services so stupid that they don't know what an out of focus helicopter looks like? Clearly there are flashing navigation lights (to FAA standards) on those "pyramid-like craft" and the triangular shape is simply an artifact of the lack of focus.

Let's face it, why would alien visitors that obviously don't want to actually make "first contact" go out of their way to expose their presence by fitting navigation lights to their craft?

Virtually all the so-called "UFO footage" can be easily explained by anyone with the most basic grasp of physics, photography and electronic imaging.

What does this say about the competence of the Pentagon and the military forces it oversees?

However, as I said at the start of today's column, there are always people who seek to believe the unbelievable -- for whatever reason.

As for me... well I'm pretty sure we're not alone in the universe but I also think that mother nature has been careful enough to dot civilisations across the skies with such a huge spacing that they pose no threat to one another and indeed, we are all effectively quarantined by the vastness of space and the limitations of physics.

In other words... don't expect alien visitors, even though other intelligent live almost certainly exists elsewhere.

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