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Carbon neutral mail

1 July 2021

Is the NZ Post claim that their mail delivery system is carbon neutral really true?

That's what they're telling us.

On a card dropped into my PO Box this week they make the bold claim:

"Our person to person sending of all mail and parcels within NZ is carbon neutral"

I can't see how this is true.

Are they not using big trucks to haul that mail around the country -- or is it being done by fairies on horseback?

Is this just a bunch of corporate spin or reality?

To find the truth I went to the redesigned NZ Post website and took a look around.

I found this page which explains it all.

Yes, they do use big trucks and vans to move all this stuff around but they buy carbon credits to offset those emissions.

What a crock!

Buying a carbon offset does not mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions from the tailpipes of those vehicles nor the emissions of any electricity generated from fossil fuels.

In my opinion, carbon credits are just a clever system set up to enable people to make even more money out of this whole climate change thing and something companies can use to appear to be "worthy".

The only way to be truly carbon neutral is not to emit any CO2 in the first place, *THAT* should be the goal -- simply buying credits is smoke and mirrors.

How do these carbon credits sequester the carbon that comes out the tailpipe of each and every NZ Post ICE vehicle? Well obviously they don't.

Even those credits which are used for things such as reforestation have minimal real effect on CO2 levels in the air we breathe and are more likely to be chewed up in administrative overhead and "feelgood" measures.

Buying carbon credits to compensate for carbon emissions is like paying the fine when you get caught shoplifting. Yes, the ledger is balanced but it doesn't change the fact that you committed the crime, does it?

Perhaps NZ Post should be looking to find ways to *actually* reduce its carbon footprint, instead of just covering it up with offsets.

Or at least stop crowing about what they're doing as if they actually have an option to do otherwise but offset those emissions.

This is all a part of their new rebranding and consolidation of services -- which basically means "we'll be charging more and delivering less". More smoke and mirrors.

My PO Box service has become far less useful to me since I no longer have any ability to pick up "signature required" or over-size packages outside of business hours but they still managed to put the price up. Mail delivery to my home is at best once or twice a week now and I see that as of today we'll no longer have the option of super-cheap untracked parcel post -- all parcels must be tracked.

I wonder how long before NZ Post disappears completely?

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