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I got nothing

12 July 2021

I've scanned the news-wires this morning for inspiration and I've got nothing.

Writing a daily column every working day of the week since 1995 can be pretty hard work. It's not the writing that's hard, it's finding the inspiration to come up with something that is new, interesting, worthy of commentary or just entertaining.

Some days it's really easy. In fact, sometimes it's harder to decide what not to write about than what the subject should be. Being spoilt for choice however, is not the norm. Most days it requires an hour or two of browsing the Net to find something worthy of comment.

And then there are the days like today, when nothing really jumps out and says "write about me! write about me!".

Yes, today I coudl have written about the fact that Richard Branson become the first billionaire to fly into space in a rocket made by one of his own companies - but meh!

This is more a PR stunt than anything that involves breakthrough science or technology. Besides which, I'm hoping that Jeff Bezos will send me a big fat cheque for not writing about it. What's that? Nobody takes cheques any more?

Of course when it's really hard to find a topic for discussion I'll sometimes fall back on "the weather". It's a subject that is perenial in scope and, because it's always changing, it's always topical. However, I think we've beaten the "climate change" drum to the point where there's not much extra to be said at this point -- even though many continental Northern hemisphere areas are roasting under "heat domes" right now.


Let's not go there today :-)

Sex? Religion? Nah... not interested, well at least not this morning.

Covid-19? Well not much has changed since the last time I wrote on this subject so that'd bore the pants off you as well and in this weather everyone needs to keep their pants on to avoid frostbite of their man/lady-parts.

What's that? You're gender-fluid? Well all the more reason to keep your pants on!

One day I'll tote up the total number of columns, words and keystrokes I've invested in Aardvark Daily and it'll probably scare me somewhat. At (conservatively) an hour per week-day morning that works out to 260 hours a year (six and a half working weeks) or 6,700 hours in total (or nearly a whole year of 24/7) out of my life.

I won't even think about calculating the meagre hourly rate this represents but trust me, it's hideously insignificant. These days the Adsense revenues from the tiny little ads that run on this site don't come close to covering the hosting fees or even the cup of coffee I drink while writing this dross.

Do I care? Hell no.

As I've said in the past, Aardvark is something that gives me a sense of purpose and provides structure to my life. I know that I have something to do when I get up in the morning and that's incredibly important. A life without purpose is a life wasted!

One of the best things of all about publishing the daily dose is that I get to enjoy the feedback, the comments, the questions and the wit of those who honour me by actually reading this stuff. The Aardvark community is filled with very intelligent and very insightful people whose input I value enormously. If you're one of those people who regularly contribute to the forums or who email me directly then I thank you for taking the time to do so.

Gosh, look at that... I wrote another dose of daily drivel without even finding something to write about!

Thanks for your support people, you are the best!

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