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Am I imagining this?

31 August 2021

It's the last day of winter.

Whilst some say that the spring equinox marks the end of winter, I prefer to think of it as starting on September 1 and lasting through to November 30 -- because, "reasons".

Regardless of the milestone used to mark the arrival of spring it's great to anticpate warmer days, longer days and more outdoor activity. We've only been in lockdown for a short time and I'm already feeling the effects of missing my usual daily walk to the supermarket and back. I don't walk there because I need to buy anything but because getting in an hour's worth of steady-rate cardio makes a huge difference to my quality of life.

Damn, I've already put on a kilo of weight being "locked down" despite ramping up my resistance training. Resistance training doesn't burn nearly as many kilojules as cardio.

Back to the weather however, and I'm thinking that spring may not be such a change this year.

Is it just me or has this winter been surprisingly mild, almost to the point of being pleasant?

I've lost count of the number of days when my 4Km afternoon walk to the supermarket and back was done in a teeshirt this winter. It really has been very mild.

At the same time we've seen unprecedented heat-waves in the Northern hemisphere with parts of Europe, Russia and the continental USA suffering prolonged periods with temperatures well above normal.

Is this climate change or just some coincidental warm weather?

Whatever the cause, I'm hoping we'll also get a long, hot summer. Unlike my wife and many of those around here, I love the heat and had a ball back in February, walking up to 18Km a day in the mid-day sun. My wife calls me a lizard :-)

However, we really do need to consider carefully how long we can sustain what certainly does seem to be the ongoing warming of the planet. And, regardless of whether you're believe in anthropogenic climate change or prefer to believe that the causes are more related to natural cycles, everyone has to admit that things are heating up.

A long, hot summer might help us keep the worst effects of CV19 at bay, allowing people to spend more time in well-ventilated areas or outdoors. Certainly the onset of colder temperatures in the Northern hemisphere over the next few months will only worsen the rates of infection there.

I seem to be increasingly optimistic these days and although there's lots of crap going on all around (Google stealing the air over our heads for example):

I'm pretty sure that so long as I adhere to my carpe diem mantra, the the future will remain the place where I happily spend the rest of my life.

Stay onboard for the ride folks, it's going to be fun!

I'll see you in the spring!

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