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Above the law

21 September 2021

No, we're not talking about those who flout lockdown conditions today, I'm looking at those who operate on a much larger stage.

First, let me say that I have a lot of good friends who are Americans. They are decent, honest, upstanding individuals, many of whom I respect immensely. However, I am just sad to say that these are traits that seem to disappear when we're talking about the USA and its government as a whole.

Just recently we saw the USA crowing about how it had struck back at Taliban terrorists by thwarting a plan to expload a Toyota in Afghanistan in an attack that would have cost many lives.

A US military drone armed with hellfire missiles, we were told, had successfully blown up the Toyota just as the "bad actors" were busy loading it with its explosive payload. This strike was launched before the car could be driven into position and detonated by the evil terrorists.

What a load of bollocks that announcement turned out to be and what a tragedy it actually turned out to be.

Instead of "terminating" a bunch of bad actors and preventing a terror attack, the USA instead had just killed several members of an innocent family who were simply going about their daily business.

Even when presented with evidence that they'd gotten it wrong, the USA continued to deny the facts and maintained that this was a successful action against bad men. Their only concession, at least initially, was that there may have been some "collateral" deaths.

However, now we see that they have finally acknowledged that the whole damned thing was a fiasco and that the victims of this attack were indeed innocent uninvolved civilians, including children.

The admission of fault and apology given by a commander in the US military will come as cold comfort to the friends and families of those who, through no fault of their own other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, were slaughtered by the US military machine.

Yes, I'm perhaps using emotive terms here -- but they deserve to be used. The taking of innocent lives, whether by an individual, terror group or a nation state is abhorrent and needs to be punished.

The USA is talking about paying compensation to the families of those who died and I'm sure those involved in the decision-making chain that ultimately resulted in the deaths will feel absolved of responsibility once payment has been made but that is, in my opinion, totally insufficient and almost an insult.

The USA wonders why so many terror groups and nation states are its enemies. Perhaps they should take a look in the mirror if they want to recognise the real enemy of their own safety and security.

A single death by terror attack on US soil would undoubtedly create a huge outcry and create justification for "revenge attacks" against those responsible -- so surely the USA can understand why the reverse is also true when they kill innocents in another country, even by mistake.

This "tit for tat" exchange of revenge attacks serves no purpose and it will be the greater nation that stops and cries "enough", before making the hard choice of not striking back in retaliation.

I honestly doubt that the USA would be the victim of ongoing terror attacks if it had kept its nose out of the business of foreign nations in the first place. When you look at the source of these terror groups it seems to be those nations where the USA has come in and decided to arm one internal faction against another -- or even put its own troops on the ground. It really is time that the USA recognised the fact that it is, more often than not, the author of its own misfortunes.

Even more important, it needs to stop being a self-appointed global executioner. Too many innocent lives are being lost. Would the USA accept "oops, sorry, here's some cash for your loss" if innocent Americans were killed on US soil as the result of a foreign nation's military actions? I think not.

However, it's not just the USA that needs its arse kicked for engaging in acts of murder.

Israel recently "took out" an Iranian nuclear scientist using a hi-tech remotely controlled gun.

I'm sorry but no matter which way you look at this, they murdered a foreign national in his own country because they didn't like his politics or what he was doing as a job?

Seriously... could *I* use that excuse if I went to Israel and shot one of their leading nuclear scientists?

The world is becoming a very sorry place, where governments believe that they have a right to kill anyone they want for whatever reason they feel justifies that action.

Oh they hypocrisy, where the USA criticise the Taliban for metering out Sharia Law to those who have committed trivial offenses, while they themselves unleash helfire missiles against Afghani civilians who haven't even been accused of a crime.

Be ashamed all you "bad actors" who are hiding behind your righteous claims and who lurk in the halls of hypocrisy. You are no better than those you claim to be fighting and the world already has enough people dying right now.

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