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The summer of omicron

20 December 2021

Aucklanders are free, Northlanders are worried and most Kiwis are chanting "she'll be right".

This probably sums up our attitude to Covid 19 over the summer.

With high levels of vaccination in most regions and booster shots just around the corner, I don't think too many folk are overly concerned about the coming summer and the effects that the omicron variant might have on their enjoyment of the warm weather and longer days.

Besides which, we've been informed (by the people who couldn't keep delta out of the country) that our MIQ will pose a powerful barrier to the far more transmissible omicron variant.


I get it that our government and its "consultants" have to remain up-beat to avoid fear and hysteria within the ranks of the great unwashed but a little bit of objectivity wouldn't go astray.

I hate being patronised by claims that our proven-flawed MIQ system offers even the remotest chance of keeping omicron from reaching the community. Surely it would be far better to simply admit that we'll be living (or dying) with omicron in the next few weeks.

There's also an enormous amount of conflicting media reporting as to the severity of omicron-induced illness.

It would appear that the mainstream media is happy to print *anything* that will get eyeballs on ads so they are seeking out "fringe" commentators or latching on to any "medical professional" who might utter a divergent view point on such things.

We've been told that omicron is no worse than catching a cold -- and then we've been told that infections from this variant are as bad as those caused by delta.

Both statements can't be true but the mainstream media has presented both as fact.

And herein lies the real problem we face these days.

Politicians, the media and such are very quick to blame social media for all the misinformation that has lead to things like the anti-vax and anti-5G movements but these groups are unwilling to admit that this is a problem of their own creation.

Since the media gave up adherence to the principles of the Fourth Estate and instead became advertising whores, they have been happy to print utter dross and present it as fact backed by their "journalism".

In the face of this utter BS, the public has lost all confidence in the credibility of the mainstream media and THIS is why they'll take the word of some nutter on Facebook or YouTube over the publications of the MSM. And, to be totally honest, I can't blame them.

The media is now often worse than social media when it comes to presenting fable as fact, speculation as reality and hysteria as "journalism".

This has allowed all the nut-jobs to create huge followings online and create the kinds of loopy-fruit beliefs that we're seeing today.

As for myself, well I'm just going to carry on having a great summer, regardless of all the misinformation, hype, hysteria and viral loads out there. Unless I get really sick and die, I'll be soaking up the rays, flying my toys, writing this column, making videos for YouTube and getting on with getting on.

Let the MSM continue dishing up disinformation to the great unwashed. Let Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other elements of social media act as a platform for the bat-crazy (no covid connection) idiots. Such things only irritate, annoy or affect you if you let them.

Life's too short for that.

Enjoy your summer folks!

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