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This will cause trouble

23 Feb 2024

Today's column will likely create some negative feedback but hey, if it foments discussion that's not a bad thing.

Firstly, shortly after I started using it I noticed Google's generative AI system "Gemini" was so woke as to be racist. No matter how much I tried, it refused to give me a picture with any racial specificity.

Instead, it gave me a lecture on the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

I'm sorry Gemini, you're not my mother. I don't need a bunch of wires and sand preaching ethics and morality to me.

Now I see that others have picked up on the same issue.

This story from Arstechnica highlights just how ridiculous Gemini's wokeism actually is and how it is even attempting to change history.

Google's response to the current criticism is to simply disable the creation of images with humans involved. "If we can't things our way then we'll take our toys home!" seems to be the message there.

This is the problem with wokeism. When you try too hard to oppress what is perceived to be racial bias against minorities you end up becoming hypocritical by effectively creating racial bias the other way. Two wrongs don't make a right!

There is no such thing as "positive discrimination" because for every winner there has to be one or more losers.

A story I spotted in the media this morning is another example of a world gone mad in its attempts to right the wrongs of the past.

According to the NZ Herald, Realtor Janet Dickson facing five-year ban for refusing Māori values course.


When will realtors be required to attend courses on the values of the impoverished, the disabled, those who worship spaghetti?

Will Maori realtors be required to complete a course on European values?


So there's clearly a discrimination against European values in effect here?

Certainly there's nothing wrong with the Realestate industry encouraging its members to become educated as to the differences between traditional European values and those held by Maori. I would go as far as to say that it would be a great idea as it might give you the edge in a sale where those values play a part.

To penalise someone for not doing so however, is a step too far.

According to the NZH story, Poutaki Mātauranga Māori adviser at Waipapa Taumata Rau (the University of Auckland) Bernie O’Donnell stated “You can’t go into that profession blindly in Aotearoa ... it’s important they understand the history of their country”.

That sounds great... until you realise that history seems to be a dynamic thing of late. How do you know whose version of history is the right one -- especially when there are politics involved?

We are a nation that purports to be in support of freedoms so why are we crushing a realtor's freedom to earn a living simply because they choose not to attend a course that represents one group's view of history?

Surely, if this understanding is as important as is claimed, any realtor who doesn't attend will automatically be punished by missing out on sales due to their ignorance of Maori values? The fact that an actual penalty has to be metered out would seem to suggest that such a lack of knowledge would not be as important as claimed.

Why can't we all just be friends and countrymen?

Carpe Diem folks!

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