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The truth will set you free -- NOT!

20 May 2024

I'm not big on bible quotes but one I do remember is from the book of John 8:32 and it says "... the truth will set you free".

Well I'm here to tell you that this is not always true. In fact, as one Australian has found to their cost, the truth can actually get you almost six years of jail-time.

I'm talking about the case of David McBride, a former lawyer who spilled the beans on war crimes allegedly committed by Australian troops operating in Afghanistan. His reward for exposing these crimes against humanity was imprisonment, despite Australia claiming to have whistle-blower protection legislation on its statutes.

Sadly, this is just another demonstration of the very sorry state we find our world descending into as we approach the end of the first quarter of the 21st century -- but wait, there's a lot more injustice being reported.

While one man is jailed for telling the truth, others are being rewarded for actions that have cost over 300 innocent lives.

Yes, even though the Boeing Max saga has rocked the world and clearly demonstrated how this corporation placed profits ahead of human lives, the boss of Boeing has been granted a US$33m pay package for overseeing such a travesty.

That's right, we punish the righteous and richly reward the villains in 2024, a year when the distortion of our values has reached an all-time high.

Australians got another shock this week when it was revealed that their eSafety Commissioner has ordered staff to create a "wrongthink" tracking list of all those who have made public comments about her on social media. To do this, tech from US company, Meltwater has been used to trawl all social media platforms and automatically create the list that contains "people of interest".

Wow... the paranoia is overwhelming!

Couple this with the passing of the Digital ID law last week and things are looking *VERY* 1984 across the ditch.

Although this is billed as an opt-in "voluntary" system, the minister responsible for it made a freudian slip when he announced that the "mandate" had been passed by a majority vote. This is thin end of the wedge stuff and already there are moves afoot to use the ID as a way of restricting access to certain online content to only those who are prepared to offer up their digital ID as a condition of entry.

Scary stuff for anyone who values both their freedoms and their right to privacy.

Finally, For those seeking a little more context about the jailing of whistle-blower David McBride, the video below is an eye-opener and worth a watch:

Remember, the only way we can continue to enjoy our freedoms and rights is to defend them against the over-reach of government. It is so sad that we now have multiple generations who have never seen the levels of sacrifice that our great grandfathers and their fathers made in order to deliver us those freedoms. Far too many people will not realise the significance of that which they have so carelessly given up until it is too late.

Carpe Diem folks!

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