The Forest Fliers, Tokoroa New Zealand

Last updated 12 December 2015
The Tokoroa Airfield (NZTO)

Flying Status 13 December, 2015

No flying (rain/wind) but coffee is on tap at the hangar

Christmas party

We're thinking of having our 2015 Christmas get-together on the weekend of December 19/20 so please try to set that weekend aside for somefun. It will be held at the airfield and you'll be able to enjoy watching the RC Jets flying while you chat, eat and drink your cool beverage.

New Miniquad racing circuit

A new racing circuit has been created at the Tokoroa Airfield for FPV mini quadcopter racing! The total length of the circuit is 300m and it is located in the area designated for quadcopter operations on the flat area up behind the hangars.

Ring/SMS 021 1131962 for more info

Check the live weather report from Tokoroa

Come join the fun in Tokoroa!

If you are looking to enjoy the fun and excitement of flying radio controlled model aircraft, helicopters or multi-rotors in a safe, friendly environment please contact us.
Forest Fliers have FUN!

It has become clear that there is once again, a definite need for an RC model flying group in the South Waikato district that places its emphasis on flying, fun and friendship.

This new group, the Forest Fliers is based on the concept of being "just a bunch of friends flying together" in total safety, without hassles.

For those who just want to bring their flying models out and have a damned good time while sharing the fun with friends, then this group is just what you're looking for.

To ensure the fun isn't spoiled by those who are unwilling or unable to embrace the spirit of this new group, membership will be by invitation -- so please drop us a line and if you're the type of person who we know would make a great member, you'll get that invitation.

Although the group is based in Tokoroa applications for membership invitations will be accepted from anywhere within the central North Island area (in fact, from anywhere in the WORLD and already we have people coming from as far away as Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua and other places to join the crowd of fun-loving RC enthusiasts that has become The Forest Fliers.

The Forest Fliers place a strong emphasis on promoting the hobby to the public of the South Waikato and helping new fliers to learn all about this fun, safe and exciting pastime.

We encourage our members to also join the Open Skies Radio Flyers club so as to obtain affiliation with Model Flying NZ and thus benefit from insurance and eligibility for "wings". Note, "wings", or immediate supervision by someone with "wings" is a prerequisit for flying at the Tokoroa Airfield.

Why fly RC models?

There are few hobbies that offer as many challenges and rewards as the flying of radio controlled model aircraft or helicopters. Radio controlled model flying

For younger fliers, the hobby can be a doorway to future career prospects, as well as a wonderful way to learn exciting new skills and knowledge about aviation, electronics and building things with your hands.

Those who are a little older may have flown model aircraft when they themselves were kids and wish to return to the hobby now that time and lifestyle allows. For you, we can explain the radical changes that have occured in the hobby over the past few years or decades.

And best of all, flying RC models has never been cheaper with tiny RC helicopters costing just $30-$40 and a very capable 1.2m electric model being attainable for a shade over $200.

Once you've gotten started, the sky is the limit - quite literally.

These days you can buy real jet engines (turbines) to power your models and even fly using an onboard camera and virtual-reality glasses that put you directly in "the pilot's seat".

Come talk to us for more information on the amazing potential this hobby offers to everyone.

Have a go or learn to fly for free!

The Forest Fliers will be happy to help you learn to fly your new RC plane, helicopter or multirotor. learn to fly radio controlled model planes

In fact, even if you don't have an RC model yet, the group will be more than happy to "show you around" the hobby and let you have a totally free trial flight with the AXN trainer.

The next step will be helping you set up a free simulator program on your computer, if you have one. We really recommend using a simulator to make the learning process easier, especially during the winter months when successive weekends of good calm weather can be hard to find. With a simulator you can practise your flying skills in the warmth and comfort of your own home and then, when you get to the field, you'll find it so much easier to fly the real thing.

The group also has a "buddy box" trainer setup which effectively creates "dual controls" on one of our AXN trainer models. This means that while you're still learning, the model can be "rescued" by the instructor who can, if necessary, take control of the plane at any time.

We'll also help you to set up your new plane, multirotor or helicopter so that it's safe and easier to fly.

The whole learning process is so much easier when you have a cheerful, friendly, experienced instructor on hand to help you through the tricky bits.

Contact us for more information