Sponsoring Aardvark

What is Aardvark?
Aardvark is NZ's oldest and therefore longest running blog/commentary website.

In fact, having been first published in early 1995, it's one of the world's oldest and longest-running blog/commentary websites.

Every morning, thousands of local and ex-pat Kiwis direct their browsers to this website to catch up on the latest science and technology news, along with a good dose of cynical commentary.

Who publishes Aardvark?
"Aardvark" is actually Bruce Simpson, technologist, writer, author, and occasional media celebrity (having appeared on the UK series Scrapheap Challenge, One Step Beyond (Discovery), The Tem show (Prime TV), Havoc (TV3), Let's Get Inventin (TV2), Sunday (TV1) 60 Minutes, Breakfast (TV1), and in numerous news reports around the globe.

Simpson is also occasionally used by TV and radio to provide informed commentary and opinion on hi-tech stories.

His somewhat weathered face has also appeared in The Readers Digest, on the cover of the online edition of News Week, and even in the Japanese edition of Playboy.

Much of this mainstream media exposure helps drive new readers to the Aardvark website and represents even greater opportunities for the sponsor's branding to be seen.

Who'd benefit most from sponsoring Aardvark?
Anyone in the IT, Internet or related industries would find value here.

Perhaps an IT recruitment company, ISP, software vendor or similar.

It's also worth remembering however, that Aardvark readers tend to be more intelligent, better educated and have a higher disposable income than the national average.

A good percentage (around 20%) of Aardvark's regular readers are also ex-pat Kiwis living and working abroad (usually in IT or related industries).

What does the sponsor get?
The sponsor gets exclusive branding rights (alongside Aardvark's own branding of course) to the front page.

No other advertising or sponsorship (other than the official sponsor's) will appear on this page -- and that means you get the full attention of all those visitors.

The recent expansion of Aardvark into a more "magazine format" publication also means that the sponsor will get a non-exclusive presence on all the other content-bearing pages published subsiquent to April 1, 2006. This will provide an increasing number of branding impressions as the archive of historic material grows.

What does it cost?
The sponsorship rate is negotiable and is dependent on the term of the contract and a few other factors. However, compared to many other brand-promotion options, it's damned good value.

If you're interested in promoting your brand to the movers and shakers in today's IT-based knowledge economy, Contact Aardvark now using the email address "editor" at this domain.

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