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   The Aardvark Hall Of Shame
Updated: 12 May 2004
This page contains a list of the local (New Zealand) websites which have, for whatever reason, decided that they can't be bothered putting in the little bit of extra-effort to make themselves compatible with non-Microsoft browsers.

This site has totally messed up drop-down menus when viewed with Mozilla/Firebird -- and it won a Netguide Award last year??

Nanaia Mahuta MP
Here's a website that doesn't work with any browser -- it's just a big background image so there's little surprise that none of the links work. Oh yes, aren't our politicians smart? Duh!

This one just says "Incompatible Browser" if you try using Firefox/Mozilla and provides a link to Microsoft's website so you can download the browser it must be customised for.

Vodafone PXT World
Javascript errors mean that none of the menu options seem to work in many non-IE browsers on this site. More lazy programming.

Canterbury University's Master of Engineering Management
The web designers (ir)responsible for this site simply couldn't be bothered coding or testing for some non-IE browsers such as FireFox so they refuse to let them in, opting instead to display a page that encourages the download of Microsoft's browser.

Although the fixed up the front page, many of the lower-level pages still flicker and flash when loading in the standards-compliant Mozilla/Firefox browsers and the widescreen "feature" is nothing but hype. Here's a tip -- reduce the size of your browser window to less than that recommended and you'll miss nothing but the adds in the right-hand column.

The Warehouse
The menu at the top of the main page, required to access the rest of the site, doesn't work with Mozilla or Firefox (and possibly other browsers).

NZ Lotteries Commission
Many of the menu options produce blank pages. A check of the source shows that on those pages, the wrong schema is loaded for some non-MS browsers.

This is just the start of what I'm sure will become a long list of sites that should be ashamed of themselves. If you've got a contribution -- please contact me with the details.

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